Affiliate Links on FMtrendGames

This article covers how affiliate marketing and other monetizing programs work on FMtrendGames.
First, let us discuss a little bit about affiliate marketing before we dive on how our affiliate links work here. In addition, we will discuss how our authors make some money on this site by other means.

Become An Author At FMtrendGames

What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. For example, if you register and become an affiliate partner on Amazon, any costumer who clicks the affiliate link given to you by Amazon and buys a product, you may earn some money. Amazon will be the merchandise that pays you a commission.

How You Can Enter into Affiliate Marketing

Entering into affiliate marketing is a choice you should make. You may wish to register into affiliate programs from any reputable sites like Amazon, 2game, Humble Bundle, Cdkeys, Fanatical, Green Man Gaming etc. Just head over to their site and read how their affiliate programs work.

On FMtrendGames, we do allow anybody to indulge in affiliate programs related to video games. You can enter any affiliate program while using our site as a platform to promote the products. Therefore, if there is a need of granting you permission to use our site in the program registration process, just give us a message and tell us how we can help. But, you must be an active fmtrendgames author in order to get our assistance. Please bear in mind that we only accept legit and well-trusted merchants or retailers.

How much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

The amount of money you can earn from any affiliate program depends on the merchant. You just need to read the full details on how their program works and what they can offer you if you join. What we know is that fmtrendgames do not have a share from your affiliate earnings. It is totally yours.

Affiliate Links on FMtrendGames

The affiliate links you see on any posts are all disclosed. Moreover, we make sure that the links found in a particular article is relevant to the content of that article. We also make sure that the links are not spammy.

All affiliate links on FMtrendGames have the nofollow tag. This prevents search engines from indexing the links. We do follow this good SEO practice strictly.

Other Ways We Generate Money on FMtrendGames

As a site, we do generate money from AdSense and This is what we use to keep this site running.
However, apart from affiliate marketing, our authors do make money from their works, such as eBooks and other downloadable files.

If an author chooses to sell an eBooks he created, we will display the product and the price he wishes to sell it. However, we do review the product first to make sure it is valuable and legit – just to prevent piracy. The creator takes 70% of each purchase while we take 30%.

For other downloadable files, you can choose to make them free for everyone by uploading them in your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Zippyshare account. However, in case you want to get some money from your files, you can choose any reputable PPD sites (like usercloud) and upload your files there. Then, you can include the download link of the file in your article.

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