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Last time, I created a post about the routines I found most effective for defending corners in FM19 – you can find it here. But in this post, I am going to share the best FM19 attack corner routine. For now I created only one routine. It is what I use in my entire FM19 tactics for now. So I am going to show you how to set it up.

After some routine setups I have tried, I find this one most effective. The thing with FM19, when it comes to set piece, is the ball physics. Just like I have said in the defend corner post, the ball physics is killing. But if you can set something that will take advantage of the ball curling, your team will be excellent in set pieces.

With some trials so far, I arrived at this one. However, you need two things to get things right:

  • At least one defender who is tall enough (at best: 190 cm and above) and has at least 15 attributed to his heading and jumping reach.
  • A taker with at least 14 attributed to corners.


Attack Corner Routine arrangement in FM19

From the screenshot above, the DCL should be the tall defender with the right attributes I mentioned earlier. Instruct him to attack from far post. Then, the second defender (DCR) will lurk at near post. After that, arrange the other players exactly the way seen in the screenshot. Make sure you have at least two players staying back.

As instructed, the taker will always drive the ball far post. From personal observations, I find the curve heading toward the goal post (just like in the screenshot) more effective than the opposite curve. Your team can create such curve when you assign a left footer to take the right corners while a right footer takes the left corners. This setup takes advantage of the FM19 ball physics.

How it Works

When the taker curls the ball to the far post, the tall defender attacking far post positions while the ball comes. But he always has three options to act on, depending on the nature of the curl. First, he can head the ball directly in order to score. Secondly, he can head the ball to the defender (DCR) lurking at near post for the defender to score. And finally, he can head the ball to any of the players staying in line (instructed to Go Forward) for any of them to hit the ball home. This is why this routine is the best – having more than one option to act on.

I will still be trying other routines. If I find anyone better than this one, this post will be updated.

Update: Better Attack Corner for Version 19.2.1

The taker aims predominantly for the six-yard area with their deliveries.

The screenshots above show another attack corner routine. This routine is a bit different from the first one I presented here. Moreover, I find this current one more effective than the previous one. The previous one was created in version 19.1.2, while this updated one is created in version 19.2.1. The odds of getting a goal from this new routine is lower than the previous one.

However, since SI has released a new version of FM19, which is version 19.3.0, I will explore more to see if there will be another attack corner routine more effective than this current one.

Update: For Version 19.3.3 and 19.3.4

Here in this routine, the taker has to aim at the 6 yard box. Then inside the box, there are 3 players potentially able to drive the ball home. Sometimes, they assist one another. The DCL at the extreme needs to be tall enough. Because, if he’s not in a better position to hit the ball towards post, with his height advantage, he can nod the ball towards a teammate in a better position.

In other words, as shown in the screenshot above, there are 3 players staying back while 1 player is the taker. In this way, your team can be able to prevent counter attack.

Alternatively, you can set your routine in this way (shown in the screenshot below). In terms of high chance of getting a goal, the routine below contributed a lot in this PSG tactic. With the aim of taking the ball short and with no one outside the box, the player has to drive the ball to a teammate in a better position to make a difference. But, the trick here is that you need a taker with good attributes on corner, technique, vision, and composure.

These routines are the ones I find most effective in version 19.3.3 and 19.3.4. Though, to score direct from a corner is tough. But these routines will give your team the best chance of scoring – both directly and indirectly. 

Feel free to ask any questions using the comment box below.

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