The Best FM19 Defend Corner Routines

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I don’t know if it’s just me who noticed, but defending corner is a lot more difficult in FM19 than in FM18. The ball physics in FM19 is killing. And it looks like the AI is extra smart. Your opponent now knows the perfect area to curl the ball to – and they always pick the deadliest area. Anyway, in this article, am going to show you the best FM19 defend corner routines that I found most effective.

In FM18, it was easier to set up an effective defend corner routine. You can check out the routines I created in FM18 here. In other words, I was even able to set a routine that can initiate counter-attacks. Once you’re able to place a player at the edge of the box, your team can launch a successful counter attack immediately after defending a corner.

Setup is Different in FM19

FM19 seems different in this aspect. SI changed things in the match engine, especially the ball physics. Instead of you taking advantage of the ball curling, your opponent is the one benefiting most from this feature.

The worst is that your team will be pressing the opposition really hard, getting a lot of shots on target and preventing the opponent from getting any. But once the opponent gets a corner… Boom! They score. All your team’s hard work forfeited. And it ends 1-0 in favour of the opponent. Well that is the most annoying part.

Anyway, am still working on how to take full advantage of this ball curl feature, especially in attack corners and free kicks.

Honestly, I have tried some routines. I have even tried the one that will give my team the chance to attack the opposition once the ball is out of our box. However, we always end up conceding at least one goal in 2 or 3 games from direct corners. It was frustration.

The Best Defend Routines

So, I decided to try another way; it is a simple way actually. I saw that all the opponents I faced were smart when it comes to corner set piece. They can pick to drive the ball into the near post, the centre of the box, or the end side of the box. Anywhere there is space, they curl the ball into that area. Therefore, the best way to defend is to cover all the areas – lock them all up as much as possible. The screenshots below show the routines I do use.

FM19 dfend routine 1

This routine is the one I use mostly.

Defend routine 2

This one is special but defends almost the same as the first

Defend routine 3

If you have players with good marking attributes, use this one.

Update: For version 19.3.3 and 19.3.4

Setup 1

In the past versions, especially in version 19.1.1, I found it difficult to set up a defend routine that led in getting a successful counter attack for my team. However, in these later versions, something like that became possible. In the screenshot above, the routine displayed is how I set most of my defend corner and it works for me with any team.

The purpose of this routine is to cover the far post, near post, and inside the box. However, there are 2 extra players able to initiate an effective counter attack if the opportunity comes.

As you can see in this routine, there are 2 strikers in the formation. But if you have 1 striker in your formation, look for a player or winger with good pace, acceleration, and dribbling and place him at “edge of area.” Then, instruct that 1 striker to stay forward.   

This is the result I got while using setup 1. Maybe the quality of PSG made it possible to concede no goals at all from corner. But, this setup is solid.

Setup 2

These routines (left and right) surprised me. They did actually work. I used them this way with my Parma team and we only conceded 2 goals (in 28 matches) from corner. Thus, the strength of this defend routine deserves applaud. But am still playing; maybe we might end up conceding only this 2 in 38 matches.

While using setup 2 with Parma.

Please know that setting up any of these does not mean you can’t concede at all (though it’s possible with a quality team) from corners. Nothing is perfect. But, these settings will make it extremely difficult for the opponent to score.

I hope they work for you. ENJOY THE GAME

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