Best FM20 Defend Corner Routines

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In FM19, setting a solid defend corner was overwhelming. The nature of the ball physics SI introduced made defending corners against oppositions hard. However, as the updates kept coming, the difficulties dwindled. For FM20, the situation is not that the same. Although with wrong setup, you are very likely to concede a lot from corners. Therefore, we present the best FM20 defend corner routines in this article.

You can check out our FM19 defend corner here

Here, we are going to present two routines we find most effective.

1st Routine

This routine is best used if you have fast players. Because, this routine can give your team a chance to counter-attack.

Looking at this routine, you can notice that the fullbacks are not marking far post and near post. This setup can keep opponents who lurk near and far post offside in case one of their teammates (who doesn’t lurk near or far post) heads the ball towards them to tap the ball in.

In addition, with the fullbacks coming out from those positions, it give your team a numerical advantage in the box. Thus, there are enough players marking the opponents, which gives them limited freedom to head the ball comfortably.

We tried this routine with RB Leipzig and Inter Milan. The stats below are what we got.

That is “CORNER CONC.” This 1st routine worked perfectly for Inter Milan.
They have fast players and they good in the air.

2nd Routine (Lockup)

This routine is what I describe the lockup routine. As you can see, the zonal area has more players defending it – while the rest are defending other areas. Once the opponent drives the ball to any of theses areas, it will be extremely difficult for them to head the ball home – that is if they can first reach the ball. And if they choose to drive the ball far post, it will be difficult to make a good impact.

However, this routine does not give your team counter-attacking chances but it defends better than the 1st routine. Moreover, it is best used for teams that are not so good in the air. Nevertheless, if your team is good in the air, this routine gives you the best advantage.

In the stats below, we used this routine with Atalanta and we have conceded 1 goal from corners for the particular season (only 15 games played). The previous season, we conceded quite an amount of goals via corners. This made us set up this 2nd corner routine.

Even though the tactic we were using was not good enough, yet the team defends corner well. Juventus are very good in the air but they could not score via corners when we played against them several times.

Atalanta were not that good in the air at first. But this routine improved their capability in defending corners after its implementation.

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