10 Minecraft Secrets You might not Have Known About

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You can play Minecraft in different ways – that’s what it’s good about it. Someone likes to hang on to a fashion game, turning it into a crazy simulator of everything in the world. Someone uses only standard modes. No matter which category you belong to, you may need a few tips below.

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Breaking blocks with a torch

When it comes to sand or gravel, the process of destroying these blocks may seem tedious. To ease the task, it is enough to destroy the lower block of the vertical row and quickly replace it with a torch. The upper blocks of sand or gravel falling down will be destroyed automatically. Instead of a torch, you can use almost any object: flowers, mushrooms or a fence, the torch is just an example.


Two kinds of matter: water and lava are the most cunning. They are liquids that flow in different directions and can only be kept inside the blocks. Not exactly so. Narrow pressure panels (or wooden signs) can work wonders. If you arrange them the same way as you would arrange the usual blocks on four sides, and in the middle pour out the water, you will get a transparent blue cube, which will look like an aquarium and will not crawl on the sides. The same can be done with lava. And superimposing pointers on each other the aquarium can be made in height in some floors.

Slowing down

To keep your building intact, any means and traps will work. And slowing down the enemy is just what you need. It’s easy to achieve this effect: just dig a trench with a depth of two blocks, then put the first layer of ice, and the upper layer of sand showers. Such a simple combination will slow down the intruder in the best way possible. And if you add the same ceiling, the enemy will never get out of there.

Web trap

But slowing down the enemy doesn’t mean killing him, especially not as dangerous as the crypto. One single specimen of this green monster is able to send you to the next world. To prevent this from happening, it is enough to stretch the web in the ditch. When the crypto hits it, he’ll be stuck there. But that’s not all, even if you go up to him at that time, and he explodes, then you will take away only a small part of your health, not all hearts.


Water, or rather its hard state – ice can give amazing acceleration effects. If you build an aquarium on an ice foundation and then let the fish in, it will float much faster than in normal water. But this property can be used not only to organize a fish race. You will be able to move around with amazing speed, pressing the jump button all the time, just by pulling a bridge between two rocks and freezing it with ice. Or create a roof at the height of two blocks from the floor.

Underwater breathing

As you know, there is no diving suit in Minecraft, but there are secrets that allow you to breathe underwater temporarily or permanently. The first and easiest thing to do is to put on a torch. Does it seem strange? It is, but it works. The main thing is that above the place where you have the torch, there was another block. As a result, even for a short time, you can breathe a sigh of oxygen. The second way is an empty bucket, it will only help once. Diving under the water with it, you can only scoop them up once in depth to restore breath. And the third – the most reliable – is to install the door. Having opened it, you will get into the cavity where there will be always air.

A portal to the lower world

A portal to hell or the lower world is made of obsidian. This is a very rare material in the game, which is not always available, especially in survival mode. But even without these precious blocks, the portal can be built. You just need to have a source of water and lava. If the cavity filled with lava is filled with water, you get obsidian. It’s only in the place where you want to create a portal, to build a structure of earth or any other solid material. At this point, you could mix these two liquid substances and then destroy it after the portal is ready.

Giant tree

There’s no such thing as a lot of wood, it’ll always come in handy on the farm. But how can we make it bigger? It is enough to have four jungle trees and some bone meal. Four seedlings have a square, so that everyone touches each other, fertilize with bone meal and grow a tall tree. You can also climb it, clinging to the vines, and it will make a lot of wood.

Passing through a wall

You should always have an escape route, and if it is secret then even better. What do you need to do to do this? Lay rails, put a caravan on them and build one or more walls with a thickness of one block on the way. Now, being in the trolley you will safely pass through these walls, fooling puzzled enemies. The only condition for this is to tilt the rail at the point of stumbling.

Diamonds in lava

Diamond ore often hides under the lava streams and gets to it together, but it is difficult not to bury it under the obsidian pieces. The easiest way to know for sure if there are diamonds under the lava deposit is to put an ice block in the right place. If they are, they will be visible through their transparent surface and you will know exactly where to dig.

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