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Football Manager 2020 has make its way into the digital market. Since Sports Interactive released the trailer video about the awaited FM20 on 27th August, its name has went to the rooftops and fans are very curious about what it’s going to offer. However, when the game will be released has not be confirmed yet. With that being said, game key retailers are surfacing their prices of the game.

Here, we will look on each game retailer and present their respective Football Manager 2020 prices. With this, you now have the chance to compare and purchase (pre-order) from any website you like. Retailers presented here are those that have FM20 keys available on their respective sites.

Update: there’s no more discount for football manager 2020 anymore since it’s official release on 19th November, 2019. Therefore, expect to see a bump in price tag.

2game currently has FM20 steam keys on their site for pre-order. They promise their keys give you the access to install the Beta version of Football Manager 2020. 2game gives an 18% discount when you pre-order now. This keeps the price at £32.99 for UK, €44.99 for EU, and $42.99 for the rest of the world.  In addition, for FM20 Touch, this game store sells at 12% discount, which keeps the prices at £19.25 for UK (but €27.25 for EU and $29.39 for the rest of the world).

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Steam Powered

On steam, Football Manager 2020 sells at 10% discount, keeping the price at $44.99. The key you receive after purchase can also access the Beta version of FM20. Moreover, Football Manager 2020 Touch sells at $29.99 USD on Steam.

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This game store has decided to sell FM20 at 15% discount. Which means, the game sells at a price tag of £33.99. Moreover, they promise to give you the game key immediately once you make a purchase. However, their keys are region locked.


Just like DLGAMER, Gamesplanet sells their FM20 steam key at 15% discount, which is £33.99. In other words, the Touch version sells at 10% discount, keeping the price at £19.79. Note: their game keys can be region locked. So, watch out for that.

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Humble Bundle

FM20 sells at 10% discount for now on Humble store. Therefore, the price is $44.99. But it might not be so in the next few hours (probably days). For Football Manager Touch, the price is $29.99 on Humble store.

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