What is Video Game Localization and Why should I Care about It?

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In this era of digitalization, video game industry is rapidly growing globally for example international franchises initiated the games which are Assassin’s Creed. Call of Duty and FIFA which are sold in record numbers.As per Newzoo, s forecast the video game market has reached USD 137.9 billion in revenue, number. According to global forecasts, it is understood that the market is a multilingual one which means that if the game localization is done correctly will assist you in reaching global clients.

What is video game localization?

Video game localization is the process of resonating your games content to a target locales language, local and regional format requirements and considering cultural nuances. The language barrier should be taken into consideration whenever you plan to release your videos games in Latin American market, As per the language factory, Spanish is the initial language spoken by 60% of the population whereas Portuguese is spoken by 34% of the population and remaining 6% makes up heterogeneous languages. In Spite of this, the localization process does not restrict translating texts regarding games. It also involves art assets adaption, audio transcripts and other gaming features.

Finally different formats of currency date and cultural nuances should be taken into account. If you want to enter the video game market and wanted the success of your games in the global market. It is deficient to translate the in-game content. You need to localize the game so that it can resonate with culture and the inclination of the target audience. It means that localization is resonating the presence to a target global audience.

Decide to Localize or not to Localize?

There are five main benefits of software localization.

  • Enhancing Market share and global sales: It is very easy to enter new emerging market once your game is localized and available in several languages.
  • Spreading out to new users and customers: If you want to enhance group of buyers than you need to add more locales to the product.
  • Understanding product features: When you remove the language barrier that your consumers will able to use your game with full potential.
  • Eliminating the extra cost: Right localization will assist game users to understand your product and promise a pleasant customer services.
  • Competitive Edge: If you localize your game than you will be able to enter potential markets which your competitors are unable to enter. You will lose potential customers if your competitor has already translated a game.

This is worth the effort. There are several cases which confirm what video game localization is and why should I care about it? When the game Defender’s Quest was released it was localized in six language versions and the games profit in non-English speaking countries have increased a lot. For example the sales of Russian version of Steam enhanced from 5% to 11% and the German version rose from 7% to 8%.

Another example is off Apps localization. Apps are more used in our phones. Without a localization, the downloads figure for Abe The Dragon is 3000 and after localization it rose up to 23000 downloads which means an increase of 767%

Successful business cases which are discussed above explains why we should care about game localization.

Enhancing Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Game localization will increase download. With per download you can earn revenue. As more games are downloaded, the more money you will generate. Imagine if every person decides to download your game. You will earn $1. This amount gets doubled when millions of players on earth uses it. Effectiveness of game localization can be well understood by knowing ROI Return on investment. You just need to decide the language for your game localization so that you can earn millions of dollars. English can only target 27% of the market. Game localization will consume a lot of time and money but global and business benefits which they reap will be more rewarding.

If you are a winner in a local market than you will be able to attain global success. A publisher of app statistics, Distimo revealed that after localizing iPhone application downloads in the country are enhanced to 128% in result revenue enhanced to 26%. Thus video game localization is fast booming industry of the world.

Satisfied Gamers

Your games should be outstanding in the target market. This is attained by ensuring that your gamers will get maximum satisfaction by playing localized game. Gamers enjoy gaming at their peak when gaming is in their native language. Research showed that games app after their localization has enhanced their ratings. 42% of games market compromises of mobile games so it is pivotal to localize your game application for better ranking, rating, more downloads and increase in revenue. If you localize your game in 40 languages than you will be able to enhance your business in 155 countries.

To compete in the global market, video game localization should not be an afterthought in spite it should be an imperative part of your game design and marketing strategy. You should make your gamers feel delighted a d privileged by giving importance to every part of localization. Your object should not be about making extra ordinary games but to make it pleasant and enjoyable for every player around the globe.

Why should I care about Game localization?

Localizing your game will help you increase downloads which enhances sales. Making customers happy, be the first to localize the games so as to have competitive advantage, keeping game in control by localization and translation, avoiding embarrassment by a native speaker with the great consideration for jokes and cultural nuance as word to word translation is not required in game translation and enhancing higher store ranking makes one decide that why should we care about game localization.


Localizating your game will help you enhance your business. Game localization should not be considered an afterthought by localization project team. It should be a pivotal part of the whole project such as game design and marketing strategy.

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