Knowledgebase for the Formula 1 Game

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The Formula 1 game is a great racing simulator. The game is not easy in all senses and therefore requires at least a brief introductory guide.

In this article, we will give advice to beginners of Formula 1 who do not have an encyclopedic knowledge of sports or rudder. All these chips will allow anyone to fit into the world of virtual “Big Prizes” more organically and quickly.

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Formula 1 Tips

Tip 1

Before the races, always check the weather and, based on the weather, use the necessary rubber. The game has a lot of tips, if you have not played simulations before, the game will tell you how to do it. Do not forget to stop at the pit stop to change the rubber and fuel. Follow the mini-map. We also advise you to go through the qualifications, otherwise, you will be the last in the race and it will be very difficult to catch up with the leader.

Tip 2

It is not recommended to play the game on the keyboard; an extra keystroke on a turn can slow you down for a few fractions of a second. And here every fraction of a second is important. The game will pull you out of the comfort zone, sometimes you still have to be nervous.

Tip 3

To get the maximum speed in qualification, use the advantage of the “qualifying engine”, the parameters of which are set in the garage menu. Choose the best RPM redline giving the greatest speed and acceleration to the detriment of reliability. Be sure to change the settings before the race!

Tip 4

At the starting line, hold the car on the brake until the red light goes out. The car has a bad feature to drive forward, as a result of which you get a false start.

Tip 5

F1 Bolides have extremely powerful brakes, and it is precisely simulated. You can successfully use later braking if you disable automatic braking. When training, use the chase race: choose the fastest cars and repeat their exact action. It is worth noting that these bolides are not ideal, but for the first time will do. In a similar way, you can well trace the consequences of changing engine settings, brakes, etc.

Tip 6

If the computer (on which you play) is slow, the best way to solve this problem is to reduce the number of cars participating in the race.

Tip 7

Dirty tricks, to maintain pole position, is the creation of traffic jams on the track in front of the boxes.

F1 is one of the most intriguing and interesting sports. It can give you pleasure for the rest of your life if you try to understand a little more about it.

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