Our Picks for the 10 Best Football Games for 2019

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Nowadays, it does not matter if you have a computer, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or a mobile device. You can play your favorite sports regardless of the screen size of your device. So, we picked the 10 best football games for 2019. These football games are the best you should play.

Football video games have always been a crowd favorite. While it is intense to watch a game, it is a different excitement playing your own game whether you are on the field or on the screen. Playing as your favorite soccer superstar takes the experience to the next level as well.

FIFA 20 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

EA’s FIFA 20 is set to be one of the most critical releases of EA Sports in recent history. FIFA 19 provided the most dramatic changes to the game. However, reception among the audience was mixed with a few missed opportunities along the way. The new release on September 27 promises to be a significant improvement from last year.

While rumors are still rumors, EA teased improvements in the general gameplay, Career Mode, The Journey, and more. We are also excited about the possibility of a Women’s Club. While it is a long shot, FIFA in virtual reality will be a dream come true.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 sets itself apart from all other competition by being so much more than a game of football. It promises to be as close as playing your favorite players on the field. Magic Moments are 39 RPG-like traits that give each player their unique personality and skills much similar to their real-life counterparts.

Moreover, Combined with various playing styles, the gameplay feels authentic without ever being too cheesy. Passes, ball physics, player reactions, and more are improved in this latest version of the game series. While there are areas for improvements, such as Master League, its refinement in this iteration makes the game a must-play.

Football Manager 2019 (PC, Nintendo Switch)

Football Manager 2019 is a tough game series to handle especially for those just beginning dip their toes on the other side of the playing field. In the past, it will take you hundreds of hours to fully understand each aspect of the game, which becomes an obstacle in fully enjoying it. However, Football Manager 2019 takes what it did best and made it better and smart.

Tactics and training went through an overhaul, making it fresh without losing the familiarity of the gameplay. It is much more forgiving with beginners and casual player without being too simple for experienced gamers. A redesign of the user interface, which makes it more streamlined is a welcome change as well.

Rocket League (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Initially, Rocket League will feel like a campy and trivial approach to the traditional football video game genre. With trucks and cars replacing players, it may seem gimmicky on the surface. However, its gameplay hides layers of sophistication under the hood. Having cars instead of human players means a different set of skills to perfect, such as barrel rolls, somersaults, and bicycle kicks.

Boosts offer the unique ability to do aerials, which takes the gameplay to the next level. Paired with team play and tactics, the game feels fresh every match. This different take on football is easy enough for beginners to learn while still maintaining the excitement among experienced players. No wonder it is one of the most popular eSports around with local, collegiate, and national competitions every year.

Headmaster (PS VR, Oculus Rift, SteamVR)

If campy is your taste, then Headmaster will feel like home. With more traditional football games yet to tackle VR gaming, the arcade-like gameplay of Headmaster will entertain both casual and serious players. The game will take you to the Football Improvement Center, where you will face various challenges each packed with surprises. Ball physics and movement are well-done, making the game experience more lifelike. Great graphics combined with different game mechanics makes Headmaster an exciting take on soccer.

FootLOL: Epic Fail League (PC)

Taking the ridiculous to new heights, FootLOL: Epic Fail League is not just a football game but an arcade of madness and chaos. The game lets you use shields, mines, cows, aliens, guns, and more cheats against your opponents. You play one four planets, each with various types of fields. Each match is unique with different challenges such as your opponent having two goalies. It is a fun game that you can play both as a single player or with your friends. While it is not as intricate as the big football video games out there, it is a welcome break if you are looking for fun, silly, and entertaining game.

Dream League Soccer 2019 (Android, iOS)

Dream League Soccer 2019 is a mobile simulation game that puts you in the managing seat of a football team. You have the chance to recruit the best players like Gareth Bale. Training and tactics will be essential to win six divisions and achieve over 7 cup competitions. Moreover, you can build your own stadium to showcase your team along with developing each individual players. Much more than the matches, you will have to hone your management skills to emerge over the competition.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (Android, iOS)

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team focuses on the Ultimate Team experience to bring a simulation of team management. The game is about creating the best team by combining the strengths and improving the weaknesses of your players. You start with a collection of average players with new ones added as your team improves. Your team will need training, chemistry, and tactics to win each match. The game incorporates a clever card collecting system in its simulation, which makes it more interesting as you progress.

Online Soccer Manager (Web, Android, iOS)

Online Soccer Manager is a casual football team management game for those looking to explore the game genre. You get to pick from popular leagues of the world and start managing them. You will need to develop your dream team by balancing skills, training each player, and developing tactics. Moreover, you can train specialists in your team to ensure that you have the best in the field. Check out superstar players and recruit them to strengthen your team.

Top Eleven 2019 (Android, iOS)

Top Eleven 2019 in one of the most popular mobile soccer management games around. Just like most simulation games, you will start with an average set of players. Additionally, you will have to manage various aspects of your club, such as finances, stadium, and even jersey design. Improve your team through training sessions, formations, tactical set-ups, and more. You can challenge other managers in many friendly competitions. Compete in League Cup, Champions League, and Super League to become the best of the best.


2019 is an exciting year for popular football games. Better gameplays, improved graphics, and new opportunities await casual and hardcore gamers alike. Existing games are getting much-needed updates to provide fresh game experience. Whether you crave action or more into strategies, you will find the perfect game you can spend hours on.

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