One of fm19 best basque players, Greizmann, in action.

FM19 Best Basque Players to Sign

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Last year, we provided a lot of great talented Basque players you can sing in your FM18 save. However, since things keep changing a bit every year in the football world, we have decided to present another list of the best Basque players in FM19. In the previous list, we didn’t include Athletic Bilbao players because we didn’t want to …

Best Basque Players in FM18 You Can Sign

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For those who find it difficult to discover good Basque players to sign, this article is for you. The list here presents the best Basque players in FM18. In Football Manager 2018, there are over 750 players who hail from the Basque community, in western Pyrenees and the Bay of Biscay in France and Spain. And football clubs that are …

Best FM18 Natural Fullbacks

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In FM18, possessing or signing a very good full back can positively impact your team, especially if you’re using 4-men defensive line. It can also be a great advantage for your team. There’re a lot of good fullbacks in the market, and sometimes it’s difficult to make a choice. But this piece provides the lists of the best natural fullbacks …

Best FM18 shadow strikers, featuring Dele Alli

The Best Shadow Strikers in FM18

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A shadow striker is a threat who’s behind the main striker. The Shadow Striker (SS) role can be a very important role in your tactic. He can represent the main striker when he’s not available in the box. And can be the main striker’s backbone. However, this article pulls the lists of the best shadow strikers in FM18. The lists …