FM17: 10 Best Young Goalkeepers to Watch Out For

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To land an effective young goalkeeper in Football Manager can be very expensive and sometimes difficult. The function of keepers in FM has been improved a lot lately; especially in FM16, when compared to prior versions. Before, the keepers make unnecessary and impossible blunders irrespective of their high attributes and reputations. Thus, it was pretty difficult to get that unique Stopper that can prove otherwise on the pitch.

According to an official teaser video released on 18th September 2016, it seems like Football Manager 2017 will sport a more improved goalkeeping techniques and reflexes in the match engine. Well, this would be a very big advantage if built properly. It will also help in spotting the best effective ones among the rest.

As we anticipate this ameliorated features in the goalkeeping area, this article presents the top young keepers that have all the qualities to be great in the new FM17. I strongly believe these goalkeepers will adapt quickly in any first squad. And they have been the best in FM15 – 16 in terms of development and individual performances.

1) Jan Oblak

  • Born (age): Jan 7, 1993 (23)
  • Nationality: Slovenia
  • Club: Atlético Madrid
  • Position: GK
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £26M – £33M

This young keeper has been absolutely outstanding since his debut appearance in the starting eleven of Atlético. His performances in 2015-16 UCL and La Liga campaigns were great. This will be a plus for him in FM17 database; in terms of attributes.

With just 23 of age, Oblak has more room for development in future. His price tag will certainly be high and this will make him difficult to sign. But in case you have the chance to get him, take the advantage.

2) Thibaut Courtois

  • Born (age): May 11, 1992 (24)
  • Nationality: Belgium
  • Club: Chelsea FC
  • Position: GK
  • Foot: left
  • Estimated Value: £28 – £35M

Thibaut is one of the most expensive keepers in today’s football and it’s going to be hard to lure him from Chelsea. His kicking ability is just great. Any team he plays in FM17 can benefit from that when it comes to counter attack. Also, his reflexes may increase a bit in the upcoming game.

The truth is that Courtois won’t be available in the starting season of the game, but may be open for negotiation at high bid in the second season. I highly recommend this fella if your transfer budget is enough.

3) Sergio Rico

  • Born (age): Sept 1, 1993 (23)
  • Nationality: Spain
  • Club: Sevilla FC
  • Position: GK
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £10M – £15M

Being just 21 years old in FM16, Rico had good attributes that can fit well in any first team. His communication, reflexes, and composure were quite good. And his development was fast in my FM16 Sevilla save, rising to a market value of £24 million in 4 seasons. I strongly believe this young lad will be a perfect match to any first team in FM17. His abilities will also rise more since he contributed immensely in the 2015-16 UEFA Europa League that was won by Sevilla FC.

4) Marc-André ter Stegen

  • Born (age): Apr 30, 1992 (24)
  • Nationality: Germany
  • Club: FC Barcelona
  • Position: GK
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £14M – £20M

One unique thing about this keeper is his good footwork as sweeper keeper. His passing accuracy while distributing the ball was amazing in FM16; which is precisely what he displays for the Catalans. I think he will suit well in any passing and possessive style of tactics in FM17.

Attributes like kicking, passing, and handling may rise a bit in the new version. However, to sign Stegen will be very expensive, but he will really be your best signing.

5) Loris Karius

  • Born (age): Jun 22, 1993 (23)
  • Nationality: Germany
  • Club: Liverpool FC
  • Position: GK
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £5M – £10M

The Reds will not sell this German in the starting season because they just acquired his service. But he may be available at the end of the season in FM17. His price may rise a bit at the end of the season since he’s the No. 1 keeper; he’s worth the price to be sincere. Karius performances will be fantastic, and he also has room for more development since he’s just 23 years old.

6) Gerónimo Rulli

  • Born (age): May 20, 1992 (24)
  • Nationality: Argentina/Italy
  • Club: Real Sociedad
  • Position: GK
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £5M – £10M

Rulli is one of the rising stars that will be available at an affordable price. The Royals may be very willing to sell this young lad. His reflexes and one-on-one abilities were amazing in FM16. However, I think his going to improve more in FM17.

Have in mind that this keeper won’t find it difficult to suit any team, which makes him a fantastic signing. And he has the potential to earn you huge profit in the future.

7) Alisson Ramses

  • Born (age): Oct 2, 1992 (23)
  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Club: AS Roma
  • Position: GK
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £3M – £6M

Alisson recently joined Roma from Internacional at a price of about £6 million. This transfer will make him impossible to sign at the start of the game. He may be available on loan. To get this Brazilian on loan first may create a perfect chance to land him permanently. Honestly, he can impact your first line-up positively because he has all the packages to be the best Stopper.

8) Gianluigi Donnarumm

  • Born (age): Feb 25, 1999 (17)
  • Nationality: Italy
  • Club: AC Milan
  • Position: GK
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £7M – £12M

Being the youngest on this list, buying Donnarumm for your first team or as your No. 1 keeper may look like a bad idea. But I bet you, this fella will surprise you once you give him a try. His potential is really high. Predictably, his performances will be great in the new Football Manager.

No doubt that he’s going to be expensive, but that’s because he’s tagged as a future world-class stopper. Therefore, signing this keeper will be hard. But never think twice if you get the chance get him.

9) Mattia Perin

  • Born (age): Nov 10, 1992 (23)
  • Nationality: Italy
  • Club: Genoa CF
  • Position: GK
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £13M – £17M

This goalkeeper was absolutely strong in 2015-16 Seria A for the Rossoblu, making a lot of impressive saves. His performances rose the bar high in the transfer market. You may find it difficult to sign him because of his important status in the team. Nevertheless, he’s a rising star that can possibly replace Buffon in the Italian team. This status makes him a worthwhile purchase for any team. You should go for him at any cost.

10) Stefanos Kapino

  • Born (age): Mar 18, 1994 (22)
  • Nationality: Greece
  • Club: Olympiacos Piraeus
  • Position: GK
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £1M – £4M

This rising star has done tremendous well for Olympiacos. He showcased a great talent in 2015-16 Greece Superleague. The Legend took the title aftermath. This achievement may make him a bit costly to sign, perhaps not more than £15 million in FM17. I think they may be willing to negotiate if a good bid is made at the start of the game. And for what is worth, he’s really a considerable recommendation for your first team.

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