FM17: Top 14 Young Midfielders to Watch Out For

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Last year, I managed to provide the top 5 young strikes to watch out for in FM16 before the game was released, but due to some issues I had with my computer, I couldn’t provide the top young midfielders, defenders, and fullbacks you should consider signing once you get the game. Anyway, that’s in the past now. But this time, I will try as much as possible to keep you fans in the loop.

As it is known, Football Manager 2017 will be released officially in November, but before its release, I will like to present top best young midfielders that I have hundred percent faith in once placed in the first team squad. I also think that their attributes will increase a bit in the upcoming FM17.

In FM16, I have had some experiences with these young midfielders on this list. What really amazed me is their rates of development. Their rates are strikingly consistent, some are faster. And they adapt quickly in any first team in any league and cup competition.

The only problem you’re going to encounter with some of them is the ability to acquire them on a certain market value. Some of them, perhaps, are going to be hard or expensive to sign in FM17. However, because of the quality they possess, they’re worth every penny. They will also provide a huge profit when you want to sell. Honestly, these young lads are awesome in the midfield. Don’t hesitate to go for any of them.

1) Renato Luz Sanches

Born (age): Aug 18, 1997 (19)

  • Nationality: Portugal/Cape Verde
  • Club: Bayern Munich
  • Position: MC, AM(LC)
  • Foot: Right
  • Estimated value: £20M – £33M

Yes! This young talent is going to be very expensive to capture in FM17 since he’s recently joined Bayern, but he’s worth a try. Sanches’ achievements in Benfica and Portugal speak for him. At just 18 years of age in my FM16 save, he broke into the first team and became a key squad member at 20. His development was fast, and I think it’s going to be the same in FM17 database.

2) Saúl Níguez

  • Born (age): Nov 21, 1994 (21)
  • Nationality: Spain
  • Club: Atlético Madrid
  • Position: M(C), AM(R)
  • Foot: Left
  • Estimated value: £25M – £40M

Níguez is one of the best young midfielders in today’s football. He’s now part of Diego Simone’s key squad at just 21. The things I like about this player are his confidence and composure. Being part of the squad that helped Atlético reach the UEFA Champions League Final will make him more expensive in FM17, but, I bet he will make a great impact in your team.

3) Geoffrey Kondonbia

  • Born (age): Feb 15, 1993 (23)
  • Nationality: France/Central African Republic
  • Club: Inter Milan
  • Position: MC, DMC
  • Foot: left
  • Estimated Value: £15M – £22M

This player has what it takes to boost your team in midfield. He plays best as a Ball Winning Midfielder, and works tirelessly to recover the ball from the opponent. However, he was easier for me to buy in FM16, but I think he’s going to be a bit difficult to get in FM17. Your club may need extra transfer budget to land this powerful young midfielder.

4) Dele Ali

  • Born (age): Apr 11, 1996 (20)
  • Nationality: England/Nigeria
  • Club: Tottenham Hotspur
  • Position: MC, AMC
  • Foot: Right
  • Estimated Value: £13M – £20M

In FM16, I gave this young player a chance in Spurs first team and he effortlessly proved himself. His performances were great, which later made me sell M. Dembélé. Dele created more chances to score and made an immense impact in my Tottenham save. I strongly recommend you keep a close eye on him.

5) Hakan Calhanoglu

  • Born (age): Feb 8, 1994 (22)
  • Nationality: Turkey/Germany
  • Club: Bayer 04 Leverkusen
  • Position: AMC, MC
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £12M – £18M

This Turkish talent has the ability to improve the front midfield. He also has the technicality and passing accuracy to feed deadly balls to the striker once he is behind him. The interesting thing about this player is that he can suit in any midfield position; he’s a versatile player.

6) Nampalys Mendy

  • Born (age): Jun 23, 1992 (24)
  • Nationality: France/Senegal
  • Club: Leicester City
  • Position: DM, MC, AMC
  • Foot: both
  • Estimated Value: £10M – £14.5M

Being part of Nice’s team was a tremendous success for the club. Mendy helped Nice to qualify international cup competition last season (2015/2016) due to his continuous dominance in the defensive and central midfield. Just like Geoffrey Kondonbia, Nampalys is a strong and resilient midfielder. The role of Ball Winning will be a perfect match for him in FM17.

7) Joshua Kimmich

  • Born (age): Feb 8, 1995 (21)
  • Nationality: Germany
  • Club: Bayern Munich
  • Position: DMC, DC, WB(R)
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £15M – £24M

This German rising youngster has what it takes to develop into a world class player in future. And I think his skills will improve much more in FM17; judging from his contributions in Bundesliga and Euro 2016. Luring Kimmich from Bayern may cost much, but if you need a young player with good qualities, he will be great choice.

8) Max Meyer

  • Born (age): Sep 18, 1995 (20)
  • Nationality: Germany
  • Club: FC Schalke 04
  • Position: AMC, AM(RL)
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £10M – £14M

Just like Messi’s style of play, Meyer has that dribbling, and passing ability to inspire the Attacking Midfield. He has that composure as a young footballer.


Being among the German squad that won Silver Medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics, his price tag may increase much more in the upcoming version, but I believe Schalke will ask for more than £10M since his now part of the starting eleven.

9) Rafinha Alcântara

  • Born (age): Feb 12, 1993
  • Nationality: Brazil/Spain
  • Club: FC Barcelona
  • Position: MC, AM(LC)
  • Foot: left
  • Estimated Value: £6M – 10M

Barcelona may be able to sell this player in FM17 since they now have Andre Gomes in their squad. This will be a very big advantage to land him. Getting him on loan first before making a bid, will be a good idea.

Rafinha’s place on the middle of the pitch is superb. His Potential Rating Star is high in FM15 and FM16, and I strongly think the ratings (including Current Rating Star) will be higher in FM17 because of his performance in the Olympics.

10) Davy Klaassen

Born (age): Feb 21, 1993 (23)

Nationality: Netherlands

Club: Ajax Amsterdam

Position: AMC, MC

Foot: right

Estimated Value: £8M – £13M

I highly recommend this player because he has been my top playmaker in my FM16 Southampton save. I bought him £9.8M, but his price may go up. He’s always consistent and has never ran out of form. Apart from being a midfielder, Klaassen can play as a striker. I honestly think he’s going to be your best buy in the upcoming version.


11) Marco Asensio

  • Born (age): Jan 21, 1996 (20)
  • Nationality: Spain/Netherlands
  • Club: Real Madrid
  • Position: AMC, AM(RL)
  • Foot: left
  • Estimated Value: £6M – £9.5M

This young lad may be difficult to sign. But if you get the chance to sign him, do it without thinking twice. His development was really impressive in FM16. Additionally, he’s an intelligent midfielder and will play best as a roaming playmaker. Once you get your new FM, watch out for this hot prospect.

12) James Ward-Prowse

  • Born (age): Nov 1, 1994 (21)
  • Nationality: England
  • Club: Southampton FC
  • Position: M(CR), AMC
  • Foot: right
  • Estimated Value: £10M – £18M

This young English player is phenomenal. Klaassen and him were my main key midfielders in my FM16 save. I think his attributes and market price will increase a bit in the upcoming game, but I believe Southampton will be willing to sell him. You just have to spend big for his quality. Besides, he’s worth fighting for. His performances will attract huge bids in your FM17 save.

13) Hakim Ziyech

  • Born (age): Mar 19, 1993 (23)
  • Nationality: Morocco/Netherlands
  • Club: FC Twente
  • Position: AMC, MC
  • Foot: left
  • Estimated Value: £9M – £15M

Twente will be willing to sell this key player once a good bid is made. They asked around £11M for him in my FM16 save.

He’s made a lot of improvements and his playing style was fascinating. One of the great pros about Ziyech is his specialty in set piece and assistance. Most goals scored by my team were assisted by him. He’s going to be fantastic in FM17.

14) Thiago Maia

  • Born (age): Mar 23, 1997 (19)
  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Club: Santos FC
  • Position: MC, DMC
  • Foot: left
  • Estimated Value: £3M – £6M

This player seems to be the cheapest midfielder on this list, and I think he’s going to be easier to acquire from Santos. Maia did extremely well in the Olympics and that’s a plus for him in development. So I suggest you grab him as soon as you can. You won’t regret it.

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