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Well, the era of FM19 is gradually ending as we await for the announcement of FM20. But, we aren’t completely done with FM19 – not yet. Anyway, I suppose we all love the tactical part of the game, which makes it special. This part is the best part we at fmtrendgames love most, actually. That’s why we keep on recreating the best tactics we can, bringing them to match real life tactical philosophies. Moreover, we are glad to have achieved a lot on that. A very special thanks to you guys, our fans, readers, and those who gave us tactical suggestions. We really do appreciate you all. In this post, we have decided to make up a list of the 5 best FM19 tactics we have created and tested.

These best tactics presented here were selected based on the feedback we got from our users. So, this is our top 5 tactics.

1) FM19 Best Possession Tactic

Actually, we have created and replicated some high possession/tiki-taka tactics in FM19. These tactics are the ones that demand high composure, concentration, passing accuracy, and vision from the team. Tactics we created in this category are Pep’s 4-3-3, Valverde’s 4-3-3, Ten Hag’s 4-2-3-1, and Setién’s 3-5-2. However, according to feedback, Erik ten Hag’s 4-2-3-1 tactic with Ajax emerged as our best possession tactic.

2) FM19 Best Counter Attacking Tactic

Creating these kinds of tactics was a bit challenging for us. But, we later pulled through. Such tactics demand fast players – really fast and vibrant players. In this line, we have Nuno Santo’s 3-4-3, Ancelotti’s 4-4-2, Nuno Santo’s 3-5-2, Klopp’s 4-3-3, and Simeone’s 4-4-2.

With careful review and for the fact that it gave better defensive record, we chose Carlo Ancelotti’s 4-4-2 tactic as the best. Though, Klopp’s tactic came close.

3) FM19 Best 3 Defender Tactic

We created some tactics with three central defenders, since the back-3 system is now common in today’s modern football. The tactics we created based on this are Nuno’s 3-5-2, Tuchel’s 3-5-2, Nuno’s 3-4-3, and Quique Setién 3-5-2 tactic. But according to feedback, we selected Nuno Santo’s 3-5-2 as the best back-3 system.

4) Our Best FM19 All-round Tactic

This kind of tactic is balanced in every way. Like it doesn’t have a particular strategy: the defensive side of it is just as effective as the attacking side. And, all teams in FM19 can easily adapt to this tactic. Moreover, as a new FM gamer, this tactic can come in handy for you.

We chose Unai Emery’s 4-2-3-1 tactic as our best all-round setup. Second best to this category is Pochettino’s 4-2-3-1 tactic.

5) FM19 Best Defensive/Aggressive Tactic

Finally, for the tactic we feel that will serve you best defensively, is our custom-made 4-2-3-1 2DM setup. This tactic is really aggressive but any team you use can easily blend with it. According to our users, your team getting cards is common, but that’s because of its aggressiveness in defending.

These are the very best tactics we highly recommend for you. So, depending on your purpose, you can go for the best in that category. Moreover, you can find the download links and results of these tactics in their respective article guides (which you can read and understand more about them).

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