A Vibrant FM19 Attacking 4-4-1-1 Tactic

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Well, we are still waiting for FM20 to be released but we are still having fun with FM19. In this post, we present a vibrant FM19 attacking 4-4-1-1 tactic we created with River Plate.

For a long time now, we haven’t tried the Superliga Argentina de Fütbol. So, we decided to take a spin on the completion. Actually, it was worth it. The league is very challenging and can be frustrating – though it was all fun. However, driving River Plate to 14 unbeaten league games, you could say this is an FM19 unbeatable tactic.

Moreover, this tactic is very vibrant and requires quick and fast players. The physical abilities of your squad need consideration while using this tactic.

FM19 Attacking 4-4-1-1 Tactic

In Possession

This tactic is mainly an attacking tactic. The attacking width here is narrow, which is much more effective from our experience in FM19. This brings the players close and the attackers readily available to receive passes.

In build-up, the team doesn’t play out from the back rather they focus their attention to the wide areas. When the goalkeeper is in possession of the ball, he goes long while distributing the ball. Moreover, the passing directness is shorter in order to keep a bit of possession. But this passing directness is accompanied by an extremely high tempo – a part of what makes this tactic electrifying. With this, this team moves the ball very quickly while using short and decisive passes.

Finally, in the final third, the team focuses their attack mostly on the flanks, unlike what happens in our FM19 Asymmetry Tactic. In addition, the team doesn’t have to stick to a particular way when getting the ball into the opposition box. They either work ball into box, shoot on sight, or hit early crosses.

We usually do prefer using Be More Disciplined for creative freedom in order for the players to work as a collective group. And here, we activated Run at Defence since this tactic requires such movement.

In Transition

The effect of counter pressing is sound, generally, in FM19. So, we enabled it. Apart from that, it’s really needed in this kind of vibrant tactic. Counter, on the other hand, is an instruction that’s indispensable in this FM19 attacking 4-4-1-1 tactic.

Under the Goalkeeper in Possession section, the goalkeeper (rather, the sweeper keeper) has to distribute to the both flanks, which makes sense since there are enough players in the wide areas.

Out of Possession

According to this part, the team has to pressurize the opponent well, with the line of engagement set much higher. However, the defensive line stays standard just to be very cautious. We don’t want the defensive line to fall out of position since this tactic is very much intense. And it’s easy for the defence to lose shape and become so vulnerable to opposition’s counter-attacks with this kind of tactic.

The off side trap is set to help out, while the defensive width is set wide to get the side-backs touchline oriented while defending. The activation of Get Stuck In makes this tactic even more intense and aggressive, which can be a very good advantage (but it comes with its own disadvantage, especially when it comes to booking).


In terms of switching mentalities while using this 4-4-1-1 tactic, you have to consider the match situation and the fact that Get Stuck In is active. For instance, if you wish to switch to positive or attacking mentality, you have to disable Get Stuck In otherwise your team is very likely to get a red card. However, you can leave that instruction while using balanced or defensive mentality.

Furthermore, we usually use balanced mentality on both home and away games. While at Home, if we are losing or need goals, we switch to attacking or positive mentality. Sometimes, on Away, we use cautious mentality, depending on the team we are facing.

FM19 Attacking 4-4-1-1 Tactic: Role Selection

GK: Sweeper Keeper (Support)

The sweeper keeper is good, especially when it comes to initiating counter attacks – one the reasons we chose to use the role.

DCs: Ball Playing Defender and Central Defender (Both on Defend)

In this attacking tactic, we decided to use a central defender, partnered with a ball playing defender. Because, while the CD offers more of his physicality in defending, the BPD makes use of his technicality and vision in hitting long range passes to breaking players. Apart from this, defensively, the partnership of the two roles is superb in FM19 and this happens in Ancelotti’s 4-4-2 tactic with Napoli.

DL and DR: Wingback (Support)

Here, both wingbacks can support forward play and still return for defence. Since both wingers are technically Inverted Wingers, which make them drift inside, these two wingbacks offer the required width when the team attacks.

DMs: Ball Winning Midfielder and Segundo Volente (Both on Support)

In this area, the BWM does the required dirty job while VOL, on the other hand, carriers out the attack from the central zone and can score from a distance.

ML and MR: Inverted Wingers (Attack)

In these positions, the wingers operate in the half spaces as inverted wingers. With this setup, both wingers will cut inside to overload the advance central space, creating enough space for the overlapping side-backs to exploit. In this sense, the attacking phase of this tactic becomes more effective.

AMC: Attacking Midfielder (Support)

The AM here is the second striker and kind of the supporting forward, just like what happens in our Ten Hag’s tactic with Ajax. With the support duty, he contributes defensively, especially when it comes to closing down the opposition midfielders. Also, he assists his teammates when it comes to pressing the opponent.

STC: Target Man (Attack)

Because we have good crossing crossing players and a striker with good heading ability, we decided to use the Target Man role. Sometimes we use the pressing forward role if we need more aggression in the front line.


Just as what we said in our previous post, the assistant manager handles the general trainings for us in this tactic. He has the ability to make the best decisions when it comes to training – Thanks to FM19 AI.


Zonal marking is the marking strategy used in this tactic. It’s a simple marking system to implement in FM19. Just don’t specifically ask any of your players to man mark an opponent. And don’t enable Use Tighter Marking.

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