FM19 4-2-3-1 2DM Tactic: Using Segundo Volente and Raumdeuter

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Well, it’s been a while since I shared my own free style tactic. Therefore, I am going to use this post to present a solid tactic I created for all teams. I came up with this tactic when I was managing Atlético Mineiro. So, I can say that this is the best tactic for Atlético Mineiro. Moreover, this fm19 4-2-3-1 2DM tactic was also a good match with Dutch SBV Excelsior when I used it.

Managing a team in Brasileirão is really tough and frustrating. Actually, for me, it is the toughest challenge I have encountered so far in FM19. And I so much love it that way Lol. Am really wondering how my Brazilian readers perform with an average team in Brasileirão. I bet it’s tough for them too.

My Experience in Brazil Serie A

In spite of this, irrespective of the failures I had with other tactics, I arrived at this one. In retrospect, I tried 4-3-3 tiki-taka, possession 5-4-1 diamond and 5-2-1-2, and counter attacking 3-4-3 but none was satisfying enough.

Most teams in Brazil Serie A play the passing style, but with an aggressive pressing and tackling. And, they are really good in counter attacking play.

With Atlético Mineiro, with quite a few styles I have tried, my oppositions were still finding a good way to neutralize us. They always like to sit deeper, go aggressive on us, and always go for a direct counter attack. My team was finding it difficult to cope. I even tried to overload the midfield with midfielders (using a 5-4-1 diamond formation) to gain more control of the ball, but it didn’t work.

However, playing an aggressive counter attacking style, which involves direct play with high intensity, was a bad idea. The opposition decided to sit deep too and hold possession. They now became deadly since they are in control of the ball each time. Ahh! It was annoying.

Pep Guardiola FM19 Tactic: Tiki Taka Style

Tactic Setup

For team mentality, I use positive when playing at Home while I use cautious or defensive when playing Away.

So, witnessing all these, I decided to try something else. I considered four things:

  • The opposition having too much control of the ball is deadly. Now considering this, I decided to employ a possession tactic. So, if we win the ball back, we won’t carelessly lose it.
  • Giving the opposition space to play their game freely (since most use the passing playing style) can hurt my team. Thus, I used counter press and raised both line of engagement and defensive line much higher. Because, we need to compress their play and try as much to suffocate them. This will also force them to give the ball away via long balls.
  • Moreover, considering the fact that most of the oppositions in Brasileirão like to go quick and aggressive while defending, I enabled run-at-defence to try getting them to commit. In addition, I enabled get-stuck-in to go aggressive on them too. This helped my team’s defending phase a lot.
  • With some thoughts, I decided to pick a formation that dominates all areas of the pitch. But importantly, I needed a setup that can help my centre backs neutralize the opposition counter threats. And, a setup that can help block outside shots. I picked 4-2-3-1. But, I employed 2 DMs. These 2 DMs performed exactly what I needed. They are the heart and soul of this tactic.

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These, above, are the four most indispensable things I considered before creating this tactic. And, it really worked out. The screenshots below show all the tactic setup.

In Possession

In Transition

Out of Possession

Role and Duty Selections

Sweeper Keeper (Support)

I decided to choose this role because of its handiness in defence and build-up. Moreover, it’s a perfect role for possession base tactic.

SK Instructions

Two Wingbacks (Both on Support)

In the team instruction, I used a wide defensive width for two reasons: to close down opposition crosses (with the aim of engaging them at wide areas); and, to influence my wingbacks to be touchline oriented since my side forwards operate in the half space.

In addition, they get forward to support forward play.

Combination of the BPD and CD Roles (Both on Defend)

For me, in FM19, combining the ball playing defender role with the central defender role is really great. The BPD offers more of his technical and creative abilities while the CD brings in more of his physical side to the table.

2DMs: Segundo Volente (Support) and Deep lying Playmaker (Defend)

While creating this tactic, I needed two DMs to strengthen my team’s defending structure. However, I needed one DM to be energetic, aggressive, technical, and able to arrive with a late run into the opposition box. This is where the Segundo Volente role came in handy. The SV run with the ball and late runs became an important character in this tactic.

SV Instructions

However, while the SV does his job, a well technical and creative DM works alongside him. I needed a holding midfielder, that’s why I chose the DLP role. Besides, this is a possession tactic; such role is required.

DLP Instructions

Combination of Inside Forward (Support) with Raumdeuter (Attack)

The inside forward role here is given the support duty. In this sense, the player has to come deep to receive a pass or contribute in defending (since the team shape is fluid). Also, I instructed him to get further forward, which increased the rate of his forward runs to influence the attacking phase.

IF Instructions

However, in the dexter side, I used RMD role. I needed a role that can spot on space and operate deadly. With the help of the striker (a deep lying forward), who can draw the defence out of position, the RDM can penetrate and cause havoc. Furthermore, the RMD doesn’t need to help defensively since there’s a defensive DLP and a supporting WB to cover him.

RMD Instructions

An Attacking Midfielder (Support) in Advance

In this tactic, the attacking midfielder is like the striker’s backbone. With the support duty, he contributes defensively, especially in closing down opposition midfielders. Also, in such duty, he comes deep to fill in the space in the central midfield.

AM Instructions

A Deep Lying Forward (support) Upfront

Then, upfront, the DLF performs almost as a false nine. He can draw the defenders out of position, leaving space for the RMD to trust. In this tactic, he’s not much of a scorer, but a very creative striker. The false nine role can also work well in this tactic.

DLF Instructions


For this tactic, I only use zonal marking in open play; no use of specific marking (or man marking) at all. Nevertheless, you can use specific marking if you wish. For defend set pieces, I employed mixed marking.



Goal Analysis

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