FM19 Total Football Tactic: Using Scottish Club Motherwell

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It’s been a wonderful year playing Football Manager 2019. We have created a lot of successful FM19 tactics and shared all of them here on this site. You can find our best FM19 tactic here. However, with that being said, this our FM19 total football tactic will be our last tactic for Football Manager 2019. We are now looking forward to FM20.

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Here in this post, we are going to share a very fluid tactic that adopts Netherland’s total football philosophy. However, this style is not different from tiki taka. In fact, the two are very related. Total football is like a strategy of player movements while tiki taka is about the movement of the ball.

FM19 Total Football Tactic: 4-4-1-1 Formation

In this tactic, all the players have the optimum freedom to move from one position to another. The keeper is also included in this strategy, as he can step out from his position and act as an outfield sweeper defender when necessary.

In Possession

Looking at this area, we adopted Guardiola’s very wide attacking width-stretch at Man City, with the players working on occupying the full width of the pitch. Surprisingly, this works well in FM19 with the tactic. Moreover, enabling Be More Expressive made the signature of total football philosophy appealing in the game.

In Transition

This is where the famous counter pressing comes to live. However, enabling Hold Shape influences the team to be cautious and patient before walking the ball into channels to find teammates.

Out of Possession

Pressing the opponent very high with high defensive line is part of this tactical strategy. And that is what has been set here.

FM19 Total Football Tactic: Roles and Duties

Sweeper Keeper (Support)

The GK role with the only defend duty doesn’t influence the shot stopper to act as an outfield player when necessary. Therefore, the SK role is best suited for this nature of tactic.

Ball Playing Defenders

As we have talked about in our FM19 possession and tiki taka tactics, the BPD role is an indescribable asset. The assigned central defender has the ability to control the ball, dribble down the middle, and make intelligent distributions, which is what this tactic is all about – movement and freedom to express.

Complete Wingback Role coupled with a Wingback Role

The CWB role at the left attacks while hugging the touchline, though he also has the freedom to roam. Since the  left winger is technically a midfielder who often moves inside, the CWB then acts as a traditional attacking/supporting winger. Because of the support duty, he balances his attacking and defensive responsibilities.

The same situation happens at the right side. But the WB role is more cautious while attacking. You can decide to use the CWB role at the right side. The only reason why we used CWB is because since the role loves to attack, which can sway him away from defending, the defensive DLP (positioned left) can easily cover him.

Advanced Playmaker in partnership with Deep Lying Playmaker

The AP always roams, in search of space. In fact, he has the most freedom to roam when compared to his teammates. In other words, he’s part of the game controller and tempo dictator. Though, if you have a player in your team who can handle the Roaming Playmaker role, use the RPM role.

Moreover, while the AP roams, the DLP covers. Here in this tactic, the DLP is the holding midfielder.

Wide Players: Featuring Wide Playmaker and Inverted Winger

These two roles, in terms of their animation when the team is in possession, may seem the same. But their animations are a bit different. In this tactic, the IW operates in the half space and wide areas, while the WP comes in the middle areas and act like a central midfielder – though the WP also operates in the half space too. In addition, the IW is more vibrant than the WP when it comes to attacking, irrespective of the duties imposed on them.

The good thing that comes from both animations is that it gives the CWB and WB the space to explore the wide areas efficiently.

Attacking Midfielder upfront

The AM is just another striker in disguise. He moves into the opposition box often. Sometimes, he switches position with the lone striker, all in a bit to get the team leading in the score sheet.

Apart from acting as a second striker, he contributes immensely in the midfield. It’s all because of the fluidity of this tactic.

A Pressing Forward as No 9 – Deep Lying Forward can come in handy

Well in the Scottish team (Motherwell) we tried this tactic, there was no striker who played very well in the DLF role. So we changed the role to PF.

The Pressing Forward works pretty well when it come to leading the first press. And the physicality this role induces help in disrupting the opposition defensive line.

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