FM20 Tactic: Simone Inzaghi 3-5-2 Tactic with S.S. Lazio

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In this article, we are going to disclose a recreation of Simone Inzaghi 3-5-2 tactic we created with S.S. Lazio. However, this time, we are going to drop two tactics here. The first one was created by our friend Kieran Sammons (@Keeebs67) who gave us good clues on how to structure Inzaghi’s 3-5-2 tactic.

Then, the second tactic is our own modification of the first tactic, which we believe is closer to Lazio’s playing style under Inzaghi. Moreover, we made this modification to make the tactic compatible with version 20.4.0 match engine. Both of them work just fine.

The FM 2020 3-5-2 of Simone Inzaghi


Playing from the back has become a common build-up in today’s football. Lazio are among the teams that play out of defence before advancing. However, Lazio under Inzaghi prefers to play through the middle with vertical passing directness.

Talking about the real nature of Lazio’s passing and tempo, they always seem just standard and higher, respectively. This is because sometimes they go direct and actually, they don’t play possession-based football. Tempo-wise, the team always seems to play in a higher tempo because they engage in making quick passing combinations with quick transitioning. This means they prioritize on moving the ball in an urgent manner towards the opposition final third.


In the final third, one of Lazio’s attacking strategies is putting in early crosses. These crosses can come from the wingbacks or any of the midfielders. But to make such strategy effective, you need more men in the box. This is precisely what Inzaghi’s team does – they mostly attack with 4 players in the box to pounce on the crosses.

For Lazio’s attacking width, it is just standard, which means sometimes it’s narrow or fairly wide. Therefore, as is standard, the front strikers can find it possible to stay wide in order to receive any pass into space, which they can easily run into behind the opposition defence.

Furthermore, Lazio use the third-man runner strategy. With quick one-touch passing combinations, using any of the midfielders as the focal point (especially Alberto), they can find a runner exploiting a space – a reason why Inzaghi’s men are dangerous on the counter. Our recreated tactics with this same strategy are Lampard’s tactic with Chelsea, Hans-Dieter Flick tactic with Bayern, Marco Rose tactic with Mönchengladbach, and Conte’s tactic with Inter Milan.


Actually, Lazio has a unique perspective when it comes to defending. They don’t usually engage in counter-press. Rather, they prefer to regroup and then press the opponent. And Inzaghi’s men use a more urgent pressing intensity.

In other words, the LoE and defensive line are high in the Italian manager’s 3-5-2 setup. They always press high. However, this high pressing didn’t work in version 20.4.0. It made the defence weak. Thus, we had to move both lines back to standard.

For defensive width, it always appears narrow. This is because Inzaghi prefers his team to stay close to each other and tighten the middle areas while remaining compact. This then forces the opposition to go wide.

Simone Inzaghi’s Role Selections

Sweeper Keeper (Support)

This role is just handy for a counter-attacking tactics like this. And it has been the role of Strakosha under Simone Inzaghi.

Three Ball Playing Defenders (defend and cover)

All the back 3 players play in the BPD role under Inzaghi, irrespective of their individual natural roles. When watching Lazio’s game, one can observe that their 3 CDs are fluid and can carry the ball down the midfield. Also, they attempt long-range passes into open spaces for breaking teammates to attack.

The well-experienced defender, Acerbi, always take up the cover duty in the DC position. While his teammates, Luiz Felipe, Bastos, Badu, and Denis Vavro take up the DCR and DCL positions on defend duty.

Wingbacks (Support)

Lazio’s wingbacks always push up to support forward play – delivering deadly crosses into the opposition box is one of the attacking support they give. In addition, they participate immensely in the third-man runner strategy, just like in Marco Rose 4-2-3-1 tactic.

However, irrespective of their forward movements, the wingbacks always return quickly to perform their defensive duties, which is why the support duty best describes their actions.

The regular starters as wingbacks under Inzaghi are Lulic (on the left) and Lazzari (on the right) because of their consistency and crossing abilities. Moreover, Jony, Patric, Adam Marusic, and Jordan Lukaku are really good in their respective positions.

Defensive Midfielder (support)

In most cases, Lucas Leiva plays like the traditional defensive midfielder. He’s not actually a playmaker. His main job is about winning tackles, pressuring the opposition, intercepting, and holding the ball when it’s necessary.

Leiva can also venture forward, which just means there’s actually no limit in what he can do as the deepest midfielder. This makes him a vital part in Inzaghi’s tactical strategy.

However, for preference reasons, you are highly free to use the deep-lying playmaker role instead.

Advanced Playmakers and Mezzala (both on support)

In the midfield, Alberto and Savic are the biggest influencers. The pair are usually the point of focus in the attacking phase. Alberto showcases the quality of a game dictator and ball distributor. While Savic, on the other hand, is a vibrant and energetic midfielder who can do anything, especially in the final third. The Serbian midfielder can shoot from a distance, has a good finishing touch, and the control needed to invent quick passing combinations. He always gets forward when needed.

Defensively, both midfielders participate immensely. That’s why they are on support in this FM20 tactic.

Deep Lying Forward (support) and Poacher (attack)

Just like our friend suggested in the first tactic, we also feel that Ciro Immobile is more of a poacher under Inzaghi. Putting the ball at the back of the net is the Italian striker’s main priority. But, you can also use the pressing forward role. They both work absolutely fine.

Joaquin, on the other hand, stays slightly behind Immobile. The deep-lying forward best describes his role in Lazio’s games. He’s a very creative striker under Simone Inzaghi.


In this area, we’re going to refer you back to our Marco Rose tactical post. In that post, under mentality, we shed a light on mentality changes, which works best with the tactic. The same thing works best in this tactic in version 20.4.0.

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