FM20 Frank Lampard 4-3-3 Tactic at Chelsea FC

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Previously, we shared Antonio Conte’s tactic at Inter Milan and the feedback we got was encouraging. We say thank you so much guys for the support. Therefore, this time we are taking on FM20 Frank Lampard 4-3-3 tactic at Chelsea FC.

Yes, I know what you are probably going to say – Lampard uses the 4-2-3-1 tactic more. Yes, that’s true. But the thing is that we were unable to get a satisfying result when we tried his 4-2-3-1 based tactic in FM20. So, we moved over to his 4-3-3 tactic, which the Chelsea boss uses sometimes. And to our surprise, the results and stats we got from this tactic were spectacular.

Thus, we decided to share this tactic with you guys. However, we are still going to go back to his 4-2-3-1, see what we missed, and give it another go.

Lampard’s 4-3-3 Tactic with Chelsea

In some sense, Lampard’s tactical philosophy is like a combination of Gegenpress and Sarriball. I am going to describe what I mean as we go on.

Chelsea’s Build Up

Frank Lampard is a fan of building up play from the back before advancing. With a sweeper keeper and ball carrying defenders present, playing from the back has been very possible for Chelsea.

As they build up, Jorginho provides a vertical passing option by staying just outside the box – he forms a triangle with the two CDs. Then, the fullbacks move up high to provide diagonal passing options; exactly just like in Sarriball build up.

Moreover, Lampard’s Chelsea play a passing playing style but with very high speed. This influences the players to make quick one-touch (or two) passing – just like in Sarriball, but Lampard’s style is faster and more aggressive; sometimes more direct because of the very high tempo. This is why I enabled shorter passing and extremely high tempo.

Attacking Animation

Lampard’s men are electrifying when it comes to attacking, especially on the counter. With the English manager giving his men an expressive kind of creative freedom (that’s why be-more-expressive is active in this tactic), Chelsea don’t have a particular setup while attacking.

However, Chelsea always use the third-man runs to attack. This involves using one-touch passes to find a runner exploiting a space. Talking about which area Chelsea focuses on in terms of attack, there isn’t a particular area. Though, the attacking width of Lampard’s tactic is always narrow.

Moreover, on the attacking phase, Chelsea usually demand more from the fullbacks. While the wingers (especially the left-winger) have the role of cutting inside, the fullbacks overlap to hit a great low cross to the target man when in possession of the ball. And this is where Tammy Abraham is very resourceful.

Defensive Animation

Frank Lampard employs a gegenpress type of pressing system. They press so high and aggressive. This has gotten them some goals this season. And the same situation happens sometimes in FM20 when I use this tactic with Chelsea. To match this type of pressing, I enabled counter-press and set the pressing intensity to extremely urgent.

Defensive Shape

Usually, Chelsea defend in 4-1-4-1 shape, with an option of a midfielder or winger stepping out to press.

However, Lampard’s defensive line is not usually high to support his pressing system. And this has caused problems for Chelsea, especially when they use 4-2-3-1.

I also faced such similar problems in FM20 when I tried lower and standard defensive line. Because it leaves spaces in between lines the opposition uses as an advantage. Thus, I had to move the defensive line to just Higher, since the Chelsea boss does not use a very high defensive line.

Frank Lampard’s Role Selections

Sweeper Keeper

As an attacking sweeper-keeper, Kepa has sometimes taken part in the team’s counter-attacks. Therefore, I think that is his role under Lampard.

Ball Playing Defenders

Chelsea have ball-playing defenders who the boss puts in good use.

Kurt Zouma, Christensen, Tomori, and Rudiger play as ball-carrying defenders under Lampard and they have the ability to take good long-range passes.


Emerson has always been the boss’s first choice. But both Emerson and Alonso play as complete wingbacks because of their eagerness to attack.

On the other hand, the wingback role most describes Azpilicueta’s character in most Chelsea games. He usually goes forward to support an attack.

Deep Lying Playmaker

Frank Lampard always gives Jorginho the holding midfielder role. But he’s usually on defend duty. Apart from the Italian midfielder, Mateo Kovacic is another player who handles this role.

Central Midfielders

Frank frequently makes changes in these positions when using the 4-3-3 formation. Mount, usually on the left, plays as a mezzala. Sometimes, he even acts as a roaming playmaker. But in FM20, MEZ works better. With the support duty, he participates well in defending, which is precisely what he does in real life.

For Kante, the role he played under Sarri is the same under Lampard’s 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 tactics. The role is Carrilero. Moreover, under the current Chelsea boss, he gets forward to find scoring opportunities. Still, he does his defensive duties perfectly.

When Kovacic is playing in the MC position, he plays as a supporting deep-lying midfielder because of his vision and ability to dictate the match tempo. Whereby Barkley, under Lampard, is a roaming playmaker.


Lampard’s wingers are sometimes inverted wingers or a combination of a winger and inverted winger/inside forward. Though, it depends on who’s playing and what position he’s playing. For example, William playing on the right acts a supporting winger, but him playing on the left takes up the supporting inside forward role.

Pulisic, who usually plays on the left, is a supporting inverted winger. The same role goes to Hudson-Odoi. But Pedro on the left or right plays as a supporting inside forward.

A Lone Striker

The bright displays of Tammy Abraham have been a joy to the Chelsea boss. The young English striker is Lampard’s target man, just like Giroud. But, Abraham is usually on the support duty. That’s why he usually drops to receive the ball and assist in finding a third runner.

For Batshuayi, he’s a different option for Frank Lampard. The complete forward role best describes the Belgian striker’s role on the pitch.

In FM20, you can make these role changes in order to find the ones that best suit your players individually.

Results and Statistics

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  1. I’m having so much poor performances by the wingers ( willian and pulisic 6.6 average, pedro 6,7 average), what can i do?

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    2. Sadly nothing, seems to be a problem with all tactics with either wingers, inside forwards or inverted wingers, at least for me.

  2. “Thus, we decided to share this tactic with you guys. However, we are still going to go back to his 4-2-3-1, see what we missed, and give it another go.”

    Are you guys making a 4-2-3-1 aswell?

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  3. Hey I love this tactic been really successful with QPR lately. Have you guys ever thought of recreating Sean Dyche and Burnley tactic?

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  4. To use Tammy as a Target Man on support duty can’t be the best choice right? Giroud, yes. Bats as a Complete Forward on attack duty, yes. But what is best for Tammy? Deep Lying Forward on attack or support duty maybe?

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      Alright i understand your view. But remember, we created this tactic according to Lampard’s setup. Not our personal setup. So at Chelsea, Tammy is a supporting target man. However, for you, you can choose any role you see fit in FM20 for Tammy.

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  5. Hi. Great job on the tactic. I know they don’t play too well but would love to see a version of solskjaer united tactic. Also would love to see mourinho’s spurs. Keep up the good work

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      Hello. For training, my assistant manager handles all that. Then for opposition instructions, i don’t use that personally. I just don’t find it effective.

      However, you can learn more about opposition instructions >>here

      Also for setting up training, you can learn more about that here, in case you wish to handle the training yourself.

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