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Hans-Dieter Flick is simply a fantastic head coach for Bayern Munich so far this season. Since he took over at Allianz Arena, the team’s playing style has dramatically changed to something amazing. Moreover, with the way the team is playing currently, they have an edge in winning a treble this season – it’s a possibility.

So, in this post, we are going to talk about Hans-Dieter Flick tactic with Bayern Munich in FM20. This tactic also, surprisingly, worked with Getafe squad in FM20 – since we couldn’t get José Bordalás tactic to work with the squad; the FM20 (version 20.3) match engine just kept making things weird and difficult, especially for 4-4-2 formations. It wasn’t so in the previous version of FM20.

FM 20 Tactic: Hans-Dieter Flick 4-2-3-1 Tactic with Bayern

Most times on paper, Bayern set up in a 4-2-3-1 formation. However, on the pitch, the formation usually moves to 4-3-3. And when building up, the formation transforms to 3-4-3.


When looking at Bayern’s build-up under Flick, it reminds me of Ten Hag’s tactic last season. I can see Hag’s formation dynamics written all over it. Moreover, one thing is similar between the two tactics. Both tactics are a product of the total football philosophy. But the thing about the German boss’s tactic, which is arguably better, is it’s a lot faster. The way Bayern move the ball vertically into channels is quicker while still playing a possession-based football and keeping a very fluid team shape.

Furthermore, you need to check out our Ten Hag tactic with Ajax in FM19 because this tactic’s build-up is almost the same as that. The deepest midfielder subsequently drops between the two ball carrying defenders to help build-up, especially when the opponent is pressing high.

However, statistically, we were supposed to be getting a high percentage of possession. The match engine of version 20.3.0 made this impossible; it wasn’t supposed to be so. Though, we got a high percentage of passing accuracy.

Attacking Movements

Under Flick, Bayern are really quick in their attacking animations. They often display an electrifying pace that opponents find difficult to deal with. This makes their counter-attack deadly.

Their attack usually comes through the middle. This is where they make perfectly good use of the attacking midfielder. The AM serves as a hook that connects the midfield with the attacking trio up front.

Also, Bayern can use their quick fullbacks and wingers to overwhelming the opposition defence.

With Flick influencing his team to be expressive and very fluid, given rise to position switching, Bayern’s attacking setup often changes dynamically, which leaves the opposition confused and skeptical about what’s coming. Though, Bayern often attack with 5 players.


The Bavarians’ attacking is as good as their defending strategy. That quickness is still involved. They press high and intelligently – though their pressing can be intense, which mounts a lot of pressure on the opponent. And once the ball is lost, a quick counter-press follows.

Hans-Dieter’s defensive line appears very high, but it always stays compact with the other lines. This makes it possible for the midfield to support the defensive line in defending. Another thing about Hans’ defence is his players positioning. They stay narrow to tighten the middle areas but can also adjust with the aim of engaging opponents in the wide areas. It also depends on the nature of the game. Therefore, Bayern’s defensive width is standard, technically. Moreover, this gives room for adjustment when necessary.

Just a reminder: if you are new or struggling with football manager 2020, you can take your time and watch our beginners guide series. They will help you understand some important aspects of the game.

Hans-Dieter Flick Tactical Role Selection

Sweeper Keeper

No doubts about Neuer being the attacking sweeper-keeper under Flick. The German stopper has been playing in this role for a long time, even when under Pep Guardiola. And he’s really good at it. Neuer’s long-range passes can find breaking teammates in the final third, which can influence an effective counter-attack.

Ball Carrying Defenders

Bayern central defenders are spectacular ball carrying defenders. They have the confidence to dribble down the midfield to create better passing lanes. Under Flick, both CDs play in the ball playing defender role. The inclusion of Alaba (the best fullback under Guardiola) in the CD position is kinda smart. Alaba has the pace to deal with vibrant forwards. And having such defender with great pace is an advantage since Bayern play with the high defensive line.

Players like Boateng (as a well-experienced defender), Javi Martinez, Hernández, Niklas Sule, and even Joshua Kimmich can all feature in this position.


Well, these positions can come up with different roles depending on who’s playing. On the left, Davies plays as a complete wingback. He has the pace, dribbling, and flair. Alaba is also a CWB while Hernandez is a traditional fullback. However, on the right, Pavard is a perfect supporting fullback or wingback who pushes forward to support the attack.

One Regista and a Half Back

Just like in our Ten Hag tactic last year, the regista and half back have a distinct role to play. While the HB is the deepest midfielder who also drops between the CD to assist build-up, the Regista becomes a vibrant but excellent playmaker who finds his advanced teammates. The half back can be Kimmich (in most cases) or Tolisso.

Furthermore, under Hans-Dieter, Thiago is the regista. In most cases, his connection with Thomas Muller and Muller with the attacking trio is a big problem for oppositions.

An Enganche in Between Lines

Thomas Muller might seem like a shadow striker but technically he’s not – not under his current boss. He appears more like a pivot (a focal point) in the team’s attack. He dictates the game and he’s actually a prime creator who steadily holds his position in between the lines. This is why Muller is an assist master rather than a goal-scoring machine. Once he gets the ball, the forwards make those runs required to get them into dangerous positions.

However, in the case of Coutinho, the Brazilian is simply a fantastic attacking midfielder (on support) when placed in the AMC position.


The versatility in Bayern’s wingers is quite impressive. Those that can feature in the left position can also feature in the right – part of the reasons while Flick’s tactic is very dynamic on the pitch. Most cases see Ivan Perisic, Kingsley Coman, and Coutinho play as inverted winger. But Gnabry is usually an inside forward.

Top 9

There’s no better top 9 than Robert Lewandowski. One of the deadliest pressing forwards on earth. However, the Polish striker seems to be dropping oftentimes to draw the opposition defensive line out of shape. In addition, he’s now good at taking a moment with the ball to bring teammates into play. This is why the supporting PF role best describes his playing character under Flick.

However, you can use the attack duty in FM20 if you wish. But have in mind it will change the fluidity of the team.

Results and Statistics

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  1. Hi, I’m trying this tactic with Bayern Munchen and I keep getting boring 0-0 draws with no chances. Do you think it might not be working with the new version?

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      There’s a lot factors that can cause this. First, the way you choose your mentality have a big part to play. So you have to choose it right. While using positive mentality can boost chances of scoring, it can also cause players shooting unnecessarily. Your player selection can also affect your game results.

      And Secondly, the match engine effect. This is the biggest effect. We have complained about the new version match engine having a negative effect on tactics and the way players react on the pitch. Tactics just don’t work as they suppose to, and this wasn’t the case when version 20.1.0 to 20.2.4 came out. Version 20.3.0 to 20.4.0 took a different turn. Which means most tactics that worked of 20.2.4 might not work on 20.3.0, and the ones that worked so well on 20.3.0 might not work the same way on 20.4.0.

  2. his knowledge of tactics is incredible. you explain it very well and it works perfectly in games. would you be able to analyze and explain how to do Marcello Lippi’s Juventus tactics? (1995-1998) another tactic that would be very interesting for you to do is the 2006 Italy that only conceded 2 goals.

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