Paulo Fonseca 3-4-2-1 Tactic at AS Roma in FM21

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Well well well.. Finally, FM21 is here with us. Though it’s a beta version but we are already exploring every bit of the new game. In this post, I will share a limited real-life tactic I recreated in the Beta version. Why limited? Well, there are some bugs in this beta version that need to be addressed in the full version, which comes on 24th Nov. So because of the bugs, I couldn’t fully make all the settings, especially in the Player Instructions section.

However, irrespective of the limited settings, I still got a decent overall result with this tactic. This tactic is a replica of Paulo Fonseca 3-4-2-1 Tactic at AS Roma in FM21.

Actually, this is going to be our first football manager 2021 tactic. So I hope it works for you in your Beta save – it worked just fine for my Roma team.

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