The Best of FM19 4-1-2-3 Asymmetry Tactic with Benfica

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So far, we haven’t tried any asymmetry tactic before in FM19. Well that has to change as we bring you this FM19 4-1-2-3 asymmetry tactic. This tactic has been amazing with Benfica. So good that we are in an unbeaten run in both Liga NOS and Champions League so far.

Apart from being effective for the Benfica squad, this tactic is quite simple, which we tried in version 19.3.5. There’s not much team instructions involved. Moreover, all the results and statistics will be shared later.

FM19 4-1-2-3 Asymmetry Tactic

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In Possession

This part of this tactic is simple; not too many instructions enabled. Here, the attacking width is narrow. From our experience, setting a narrow attacking width is much more effective in FM19. This brings the players close and the attackers readily available to receive passes.

For the build-up, building from the back is really a good strategy in FM19, especially now Sports Interactive has fix those errors (horrible mistakes) that happen in build-ups. Therefore, play out of defence is enabled. Moreover, we just decided to leave both the passing directness and tempo standard. It’s left for the team to adjust according to the condition of the match.

In final third, the team focuses their attack anywhere, whether through the middle or flanks. And they don’t have to stick to a particular way when getting the ball into the opposition box. They either work ball into box, shoot on sight, or hit early crosses.

The creative freedom is set Be More Disciplined in order for the players to work as a collective group.

In transition

We have seen the effect of counter pressing in real life football and in FM19. So, we applied it here. Then, the Counter instruction is really an interesting one – and we love how it influences the team.

Nothing is selected in the Goalkeeper In Possession part of this tactic. The goalkeeper can distribute how ever he sees fit.

Out of Possession

According to this part, the team has to pressurize the opponent well. With the line of engagement and defensive line both set much higher, the pressing is set in motion and it increases the team’s intensity.

Mentality Change

In terms of switching mentalities, it depends on the team you’re using and the opponent you’re up against. When using Benfica, we usually use positive mentality while playing at Home. However, while playing Away, we mostly use cautious (even while playing a weaker team). We never had the need to try defensive mentality. And using attacking mentality doesn’t work so well with this tactic (kinda disorganises the defensive line).

FM19 4-1-2-3 Asymmetry Tactic: Role Selection

GK: Sweeper Keeper (Attack)

The sweeper keeper is really good, especially when it comes to initiating counter attacks – one the reasons we chose to use this role.

DCs: Two Ball Playing Defenders (Both on Defend)

We love our defenders to be good with the ball – able to control it and make intelligent passes which can lead to counter. Apart from that, we want them break up opposition press with their ball carrying. This is where the ball playing defender role comes in handy.

DL: Complete Wingback (Support)

From the left back, the complete wingback offers that width the team needs. He usually attacks and dribbles down the flank. In FM19, the CWB role attacking movement is awesome, so we chose to use it in this tactic.

DML: Deep Lying Playmaker (Support)

Here, is a supporting deep lying playmaker. His main job here is to switch plays. The team may give the ball back to him to make a quick switch to the other side of the pitch. Positioning this player at the left DM makes it easy to cover the left central midfield, since the MCR covers the right side.

WBR: Complete Wingback (Support)

Just like what happens on the left side, this player offers width. But the difference is that this player attacks more since his position is WBR (not DR). The defensive side of this position can be a weakness, since there are no three central defenders in which one of them can cover him when he overlaps. Therefore, in this tactic, you need a fast and vibrating player in this position. So he can have that ability to return as fast as possible for defence.

MCR: Deep Lying Playmakers (Support)

In the MCR position, we decided to install a playmaker. But we needed the player not to get involved in attacking because he needs to provide cover on the right side. Moreover, we instructed him to stay wide in order to try covering the WBR. The creativeness and control of a deep lying playmaker was also required in this tactic.

AMCL: Attacking Midfielder (Attack)

The AM here is like the STCL, but it’s behind the striker. Just like a striker, the player gets into the box and scores. Also, he assists the STCR (pressing forward) when it comes to pressing the opponent. Being in the midfield, he does the work of a midfielder, assisting in controlling the game.

AMR: Inside Forward (Support)

In this tactic, the right-winger is an inside forward. With the assigned player being the IF, he usually drifts inside while attacking. His movement paves way for the WBR to operate in the open wide space. In other words, with the IF having the support duty, he drops to help the WBR in defending.

STCR: Pressing Forward (Attack)

In the front line, we installed a pressing forward. Part of his job is to press the opponent in the their half, intensely. Moreover, this role is very effective in this tactic. Though you can try another role as you wish. 

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The assistant manager handles the general training. The FM19 AI does this job perfectly. So he knows when to switch training sections accordingly.


We love using zonal marking in FM19. It’s quite simple to implement but yet effective.

Stats and Analysis

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