Gian Gasperini Possession 3-4-1-2 Tactic at Atalanta B.C in FM20

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Since joining Atalanta in 2016, Gian Piero Gasperini is making history.

Best FM20 Attack Corner Routines

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I have tried a lot of routines in order to take an excellent advantage of corner set pieces but none gave me that epic result I crave for. Well, as I see it, getting many goals via corners in FM20 is tough. It’s no more as easy as it was in prior football manager versions. However, I only managed to …

Best FM20 Defend Corner Routines

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In FM19, setting a solid defend corner was overwhelming. The nature of the ball physics SI introduced made defending corners against oppositions hard. However, as the updates kept coming, the difficulties dwindled. For FM20, the situation is not that the same. Although with wrong setup, you are very likely to concede a lot from corners. Therefore, we present the best …