FM18 RB Leipzig Team Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Will RasenBallsport Leipzig really worth my time to manage in football manager 2018? Well, you might be thinking if they are interesting enough to captivate you. No need to keep guessing and thinking. This FM18 RB Leipzig team guide may help you decide whether to take over that hot seat or not. Moreover, in this article, am going to share …

FM18 Counter Tactic: Diego Simeone 4-4-2 Formation with Atlético Madrid

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Diego Simeone has been really outstanding since he took over the hot seat at Atlético Madrid in 2011. He always comes up with some new ideas every season, with his 4-4-2 classic. In this article, I’m going to share all about Diego Simeone 4-4-2 formation with Atletico Madrid in FM18.

Best FM18 shadow strikers, featuring Dele Alli

The Best Shadow Strikers in FM18

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A shadow striker is a threat who’s behind the main striker. The Shadow Striker (SS) role can be a very important role in your tactic. He can represent the main striker when he’s not available in the box. And can be the main striker’s backbone. However, this article pulls the lists of the best shadow strikers in FM18. The lists …

Best Carrileros in FM18

The Best Carrileros in FM18 to Sign

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Are you still searching for the best Carrileros in Football Manager 2018? Well, look no further. This article presents the lists of the best carrileros in FM18. There are different kinds of players you can find here. Some are expensive and some are affordable for most clubs. But, their price tags don’t really matter because all of them are really …