FM18 RB Leipzig Team Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Will RasenBallsport Leipzig really worth my time to manage in football manager 2018? Well, you might be thinking if they are interesting enough to captivate you. No need to keep guessing and thinking. This FM18 RB Leipzig team guide may help you decide whether to take over that hot seat or not.

Moreover, in this article, am going to share everything you need to know about the team. The club’s finance, board expectations, team report, squad, youth academy, staff, and dynamics will be showcased.

Brief History

RB Leipzig is a German professional team based in Leipzig, Saxony. It was created in 2009 and became active after Red Bull GmbH purchased the playing rights of SSV Markranstädt. RasenBallsport started playing in Oberliga after the acquisition of FC Sachen Leipzig youth department. Currently, RB Leipzig play in the top-tier of the German football league system, known as Bundesliga.

The club greatest achievements came in the 2016/2017 Bundesliga season, in which they finished second in the league and gained the licence to play in the 2017/2018 UEFA Champions League. In terms of trophy, the club has won 2 trophies: The NOFV-Oberliga Süd title (in 2010) and the Regionalliga Nordost title (in 2013). Nevertheless, the Bulls are still on a voyage to claim their first Bundesliga title.


In FM18, the finance of RB Leipzig is “Okay.” But the finance will boost further in the coming season.

Debts and Loans

The club owes a debt of £11.75M. This debt came as a result of Club Chairman loan. But the club pays £975K every month until the debt is completed; expected to be completed in June 1, 2018.

Profit and Loss

According to FM18 database, RB Leipzig made a profit of £74,114,326 in 2016/2017 season. There was no loss. However, their overall balance is approximately £43.82M.

Financial Fair Play Regulations

The FFP regulations allow the club to make no more than a loss of £4.45M after 36 months. But the board are confident of making a profit of £150M over this period. However, it will be very hard for this team to fail this regulation.


The board left an initial transfer budget of £16.94M with a wage budget of £878K. And from the way things are, the club is already spending £868K on wage. I think both the transfer and wage budgets are enough to attract top class players. The team’s ability to play in the UCL is also an advantage to lure superb players.

The scouting budget is £720K. And there are no restrictions in place for scouting. The scouting team can scout any region you want.

Board Expectations


The board expect you to at least secure a place in Bundesliga that qualifies the team to play in Europa League Qualification with the initial transfer and wage budgets. The board also expect you to at least reach the quarter-final of DFB Pokal. And then, in addition, the board would like you to reach group stages of the UEFA Champions League with the initial transfer and wage budgets. But if you feel you can do better in any of the competitions, both the transfer and wage budgets will increase accordingly once you choose the levels you wish reach.

Have in mind that if you choose any level in Bundesliga, don’t fail to accomplish it. Otherwise, they will sack you before January or at the end of the season. Not reaching the level you set for DFB Pokal is pardonable.

If you’re new to football manager, I would recommend you to start with the initial expectation.

Team Report

The team report is a very important place to check. It can help you choose a suitable tactic for the team you’re managing. It may also help you get to know the type of squad you have. The team’s weaknesses and strengths are available for you in the team report.

All positions comparison

From the comparison section (in the screenshot above), all positions are compared with other teams in the league. As you can see, the team does very well in strength, work-rate, and aggression when you uncheck Goalkeepers. From this chart, there are a lot of physical players present in the first team.

Their decisions, first touch, and passing are poor, while the teamwork is just average. So, while choosing a tactic for this team, you have to consider creating something that’s based on physicality. Tiki-taka, high passing games, or other possession style of football will be difficult for them to blend; such tactic might not even work.


From the defence section, as you can see above, the team has good defensive abilities, but the tackling and positioning need improvements. However, they are excellent aerially. But the pace and acceleration of this team’s defence are great advantages.


From the midfield section, the chart depicts that the team has tireless midfielders with high energy and technical skills. This kind of midfield is really good for counter attacking tactics. You may wish to add a playmaker in the midfield to improve creativity.


The attacking department of RB Leipzig features the quickest forwards in Bundesliga. But the finishing aspect really needs improvement; training.can help out.

With all these sections viewed and discussed, it’s left for you to decide which kind of players you need to bring in or sell. And most importantly, which kind of tactics to use. You can view the tactic I used with RB Leipzig here.


The Bulls have an amazing squad, enriched with young players. They have the right capacity of winning the Bundesliga in your first season of management. You just have to find the right tactics. The screenshot above displays the first team squad. A total number of 25 players, with an average age of 23.

Moreover, in every team, there are some players who are really important. The profile screenshots below display the players who can contribute immensely in your quest for glory with the team.

Willi Orban

Naby Kieta: You can only use him in the first season because he’s joining Liverpool next season.

Timo Werner

Marcel Sabitzer

Emil Forsberg

Loans and Transfers

Youth Academy

The youth academy of this club is superb, with a well-established youth recruitment. The provided facility for growing young talents is superb. You can even decide to rely on the youth academy for first team players. However, there are hot-prospects in the academy you should watch out for. The profile screenshots below show the young talents.

Vitaly Janelt

Fabrice Hartmann

Erik Majetschak

Mads Bidstrup


The coaching staff of this club is, in overall, average when compared with other coaching staff in the league. However, the coaching team comprises of 7 members, with a vacant position. You can only add one member here if you wish to.

The scouting team is really good and has 9 members, with only 2 vacancies left. This area doesn’t need improvement.

Coming to the medical team, the status is really poor. The medical team comprises of only 2 medical staff. This area will really need your attention.


Social Hierarchy

Social Groups

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