FM19 Challenges in Spain: Survive from Relegation or Win Promotion

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It all hovers around the Spanish football. Here, I generated two FM19 challenges you should give a try. All you have to do is either steer the given team from relegation or get a given team to La Liga Santander. But before I go for the details of these challenges, there are rules you should know.


  • No cheating. Don’t quit and reload the game after a match. Just be sincere to yourself.
  • No match skipping. Don’t go on a holiday just to skip a match.
  • No use of FM editor at all. Just give yourself a real challenge and see your true capabilities in this challenge.

The Challenges

First Challenge: Survive relegation

The screenshot above shows the 2018/2019 La Liga Santander table. Some teams have already played their 29th game, while a few have played their 30th and 28th game. Only Atletico Madrid have played 27 games. However, the team you are required to save from relegation is Real Valladolid.

Real Valladolid Situation

In this challenge, Real Valladolid are in danger of dropping down to La Liga 2. The squad morale is very low and they feel like it’s an impossible mission to avoid relegation. Everything is just bad. They have just 17 points out of 29 games. Girona, in save position, surpass Valladolid by 7 points. The main aim here is to manage Valladolid and drive them out from the red zone.

Moreover, Real Valladolid have only 9 games ahead to complete the season. But once you take over this challenge, your first match will be against Real Madrid. The remaining fixtures are shown in the screenshot below.

Second Challenge: Give Them First La Liga Promotion

For this challenge, Reus Deportiu do have a chance of getting into the playoff position if things are set right. The screenshot below shows the 2018/2019 La Liga 2 table. 35 games have already been played.

Reus Deportiu Situation

Reus team have managed to secure 49 points in 35 matches under the guidance of Xavi Bartolo. This places them in 10th place. But the team hopes to secure at least a 6th place finish, giving them the chance to play in promotion playoffs. Only 6 games left for the season to end. the main aim here is to secure a playoff position, win the playoffs, and then gain promotion to La Liga.

Your first match once you take over is Deportivo Tenerife. The screenshot below shows the remaining fixtures.

Because this team hasn’t played in La Liga since history, they need this promotion so bad. Can you be the one to get them there? It will be a great achievement if you can.

How to enter in any of these challenges

To take control of any of these teams, you have to:

a) Download any of the FM19 saves below.

b) Load the saved file

c) Go to Add New Manager

d) Edit, create a new profile, or use your already existing profile.

e) Select the team you are required to manage

f) Choose your managerial style

g) Then start playing.

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Download First Challenge Save

Download Second Challenge Save

Tweet us your achievements with screenshots. Let’s see who’s the main boss. Good luck and Enjoy the Game.

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