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Football Manager 2019: 12 Challenging English Teams to Manage

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The new upcoming Football Manager 2019 will arrive in November 2, 2018. Both the mobile and tablet versions will be out the same day. However, as we wait for the game, let’s contemplate on which team to kick-off the 2018/2019 campaign. But, would you want to start your career in England once the game is out? Here is a list of FM19 English teams to manage. Pick one and challenge yourself.

Trust me, you will find any of these teams really challenging or hard to manage in FM19.

1) Blackpool FC

This English professional football club has been in existence for over a century. Founded in July 1887, in the seaside of town of Blackpool, Lancashire. Since its existence, the Tangerines have never won the EPL. Getting into the top-tier of the league system has been very tough for them since 2011.

However, their last appearance in EPL came in 2010 but their result at the end was very disappointing. Relegation to Sky Bet Championship surfaced. With fans hoping a return to EPL the following year, things worsened unfortunately. They dropped further down to League Two in 2015.

Anyway, it seems things are getting better since they won a promotion to play in the 2018/2019 League One season. Now they face a new challenge, with a dream of getting back to EPL again. But can you make this happen, when you take over the hot seat in FM19? And how long will it take you?

2) Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

Wolverhampton fc celebrate goal

This West Midlands based club, formed in 1877, has enjoyed many successes in English football. Their greatest achievement came between 1932 and 1965. The Wolves have won the EPL title (3 times), FA cup (4 times), League Cup (2 times), and Community shield (4 times).

But, all those glorious days are over. To get back to those days has been a tough journey. They have appeared in EPL twice since 1982, but this 2018/2019 season will make it the third time. Although the Wanderers won the Championship title, they face the challenge of avoiding a relegation spot at the end of the 2018/2019 Premier League season.

You think you can see them through and even get them back to their former glories in FM19? I have no idea.

3) Coventry City

Coventry squad line-up

Just like Wolverhampton, Coventry City is an English professional football based in West Midlands. Since its creation, which was in 1883, the club has spent 34 seasons in EPL. And since 2001, which was their last appearance in EPL, the club has been on a decline. Their recent promotion to League 1 resonated their dreams of playing in EPL again. Therefore, the team will start their journey in league 1 in FM19.

During their time in the top-tier of English football, the Sky Blues have really tried to lift the title but to no avail. Though they really made great impacts in EPL, which also saw them qualify for UEFA Europa League in 1970.

However, as a club that has not won the Premier League title since history, how long do you think you can achieve that in FM19? Can you even give them that glory? Create a Coventry save and find out once the game comes out.

4) Fulham FC

Fulham kit

Fulham are among the oldest existing English football clubs that have not won any major trophies. They came close to winning the 2009/2010 UEFA Europa League trophy but were beating by Atletico Madrid. The 2009/2010 season is the best season for the club since its 139 years of existence.

Currently, the Cottagers are back in Premier League after winning the promotion play-offs. Now, like the Wolves, the Cottagers face a new challenge. But can you make them survive in one of the toughest leagues in Europe in FM19? At best, can you get them that major trophy they have not claimed since history?

5) Hartlepool United FC

Hartlepool players

Can you imagine that a club, being 109 years of age, has never claimed any trophy? That is, its museum is perhaps empty. It’s not only that they haven’t won any trophy, but they literally haven’t played in EPL since history.

Hartlepool United is an English club founded in 1908. The club’s best achievement came in 2005 when they finished 6th in League One, but narrowly missed promotion to the League Championship after losing to Sheffield Wednesday after extra time.

Presently, the club plays in the fifth tier of the English football league system. But the league they play in will be playable in FM19. Therefore, you have a chance to make an unforgettable history with this club.

6) Sunderland A.F.C

Sunderland in EPL

In the 2016/2017 season, Sunderland had one of their worst seasons in Premier League. They had similar struggles in two consecutive seasons before the 2016/2017 season but managed to remain in the top flight. Nevertheless, the 2016/2017 season of EPL was unfavourable – they dropped to Championship.

Despite the signing of Didier N’Dong, who cost them £17.1 million, and some other good players, the club’s performance worsened. Their hope of bouncing back to the EPL shattered after a relegation to the third tier.

Taking up the managerial seat of Sunderland will see you start a journey in League One. The team still wants someone to shine that light at the Stadium of Light. Will you be the one in FM19?

7) Preston North End FC

Preston logo

This club, based in Deepdale, has really had an unpleasant journey since they dropped from EPL in 1961. They have also faced two series of financial difficulties that tried to make the club extinct. Fortunately, they beat all odds and recovered.

Though they have been in a rough path, Preston have celebrated two EPL titles and two FA Cups. They made a marvellous achievement in EPL and FA Cup completions, of which they were unbeaten in both competitions in 1888/1889 season. Moreover, they won that FA Cup without conceding a goal. Thus, this club is still the “Old Invincibles.”

But the glorious days are long gone; though, their fans still want to witness such days. Since they will start the 2018/2019 season in Sky Bet Championship, you might get them that glory in FM19. Who knows?

8) Wigan Athletic

Wigan athletic fc stadium

Since showcasing poor performances in 2013, the Latics dropped out from EPL. They further dropped down to League One after spending one season in Championship. In 2016, Wigan got promoted to Championship after winning the League One title.

Picking Wigan as your FM19 save may be tough and really challenging because you have to battle all 23 competitive teams to make it into the Premier League.

9) Bury FC

Bury fc players

Bury is one those clubs that have been on a constant decline since dropping from the top flight. Since their 133 years of existence, the Shakers have never lifted the EPL title. In their first 17 seasons in EPL, Bury managed to win the FA Cup twice. However, performance got bad after that and they dropped to the second tier.

They came back to EPL in 1924, spent 5 seasons, and secured a relegation place in 1929. The Shakers never made it back to EPL since then. Due to a very bad performance displayed in the 2017/2018 League One season, bury dropped further to League Two after securing a bottom table finish with only 36 points.

Well as you can see, this club needs to resonate. If you can steer clear from relegation and boost them to the top, take the wheel.

10) Rotherham United

Rotherham player celebrating a goal

Rotherham, created in 1925, have spent all their history in the lower leagues of English football. The Millers have never played in the EPL. However, in terms of trophy, they have won the League One title twice (in 1951 and 1981): their highest achievement so far.

In 2018, Rotherham secured a promotion to play in the Sky Bet Championship via play-offs. So in FM19, they will start the 2018/2019 campaign in the Championship. With the excitement of winning promotion still fresh on their minds, they still need to sway from relegation. Otherwise, their hope of playing in EPL dwindles.

I think your main aim once you take over that seat will be to avoid relegation. Maybe you can get them to EPL and go ahead to win one of the greatest titles on planet. Maybe you can’t.

11) AFC Wimbledon

Wimbledon celebrating a league trophy win

Being among the clubs created in the 2000s, Wimbledon have surprisingly achieved a lot so far. Starting their journey in the ninth tier of English football in 2002, the Dons rose to the third tier in the space of 13 seasons. They have never played in the Championship.

Since creation, this club has been on the rise until they found themselves in League Two. Performance reduced since then. But, the struggle to secure at least a promotion play-off spot will continue in this 2018/2019 season. Maybe this club will be a great opportunity for you to write an iconic history. So create a Wimbledon save in FM19 and become a legend.

12) Accrington Stanley

Accrington Stanley's celebration of league title win

Accrington, nicknamed Stanley, is an English club created in 1968 after the demolition of the first Accrington Stanley in 1966. They have had some great memories over the years. Winning the League Two title in 2018 has been their greatest achievement since history. So they will battle for a good position in League One this season.

However, they seem to win the title of every league they play in just to secure a promotion. This could be a record to maintain when you start managing this club in FM19. That means you have to win the League One title in order to play in Championship. Well, maybe it could be tough for you to carry this club to EPL.

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