FM19 Teams: 8 Interesting Teams to Manage in France

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Last time, I provided a list of challenging teams to manage in England. So if you want teams to manage in England, you can click this link to view the list. However, if you’re still contemplating, maybe you prefer picking a French team, here is a list of interesting FM19 French teams to manage once you grab the new game. …

Wimbledon celebrating a league trophy win

Football Manager 2019: 12 Challenging English Teams to Manage

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The new upcoming Football Manager 2019 will arrive in November 2, 2018. Both the mobile and tablet versions will be out the same day. However, as we wait for the game, let’s contemplate on which team to kick-off the 2018/2019 campaign. But, would you want to start your career in England once the game is out? Here is a list …