FM20 Teams to Manage – If You’re New to Football Manager

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The number of new football manager players has grown exponentially since the start of the quarantine period because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Everyone now has to self-isolate to prevent further spread of the virus. Well, this kind of sucks anyway. But we want to look at the bright side because we believe the world will still pull through. So in this post, let’s check out some FM20 teams to manage this period of self-isolation. These teams are what we feel that can keep you busy while staying at home. Or maybe keep you away from wanking. Lol..

Anyway, if you’re new to football manager, this post is specifically made for you.

Oh! One more thing… Football Manager 2020 is free for now on Steam. The developers of the game, Sports Interactive, has made the game free for two weeks and this offer is still ongoing. This offer will end on 1st April 2020. But in case you want to buy, you can purchase the game here at a 13% discount (cheaper than Steam) if only you are in Europe. If you are not in Europe, then purchase the game here at the same discount.

FM20 Teams to Manage – for new FM players

Now, if you are new to football manager, there’s a lot about the game you need to learn. But the truth is, it will be easier for you if you know something about football (soccer). We have made some videos for beginners like you to start off. These videos will guide on the important aspects of the game, especially the tactics section. All you need to do is relax and enjoy every bit of it, but keep your Football Manager running for you to practice.

Ok. So are you thinking about which team to manage? Well, we recommend that you start with famous teams. The reason to start with such teams as a beginner is that they will save you a lot of frustration and stress. Plus, they will help you to gradually understand the game. So with time, you will start observing what works and what does not work. And gradually, you will start to challenge yourself by picking up average or lower league teams. Therefore, these are the teams we suggest:

Manchester City

City has never won the Champions League since history. So, this might tickle your fancy and influence you to manage this City side. While hoping to win the UCL trophy, you have to keep an eye on the Premier League, FA Cup, and Capital Cup. In addition, City have the quality squad that can make things easier for you while playing in, arguably, the toughest league on the planet. And if you love spending millions on players, they have the money to buy any player you want; only if the selling club agrees.


Well, Arsenal have not had their glory days in recent years. And it has been really long since they lifted the EPL trophy. So this should be something you want to change, which might be a challenging one for you as a beginner. But don’t bother so much about that. Just focus on having fun and understanding the game. The exciting news is that they have a rich squad of young talented players, with players like Ozil, Lacazett, and Agbumanyang to guide them. So, if you fancy managing such talented young players, Arsenal is a great team to start as a new FM player.

FC Barcelona

Do you love the tiki-taka style, the beautiful football? Correct. Barcelona have the players to make such style happen in FM20 with ease. You get to see such style happen in the 3D match engine. As a new FM player, trying to implement such a style can be really captivating. Plus, you get the chance to manage your favorite footballer “Lionel Messi.”

RB Leipzig

You enjoy seeing fast players, right? And you wish to base your tactics on the quick counter-attack? Leipzig is one of the best teams to try out. Moreover, just like Arsenal, they have young and vibrant players at your disposal. Another interesting thing is that Leipzig have never won Bundesliga or UCL. So, do you think you change that as a new FM player?

You might want to check out our Leipzig tactic


Who doesn’t fancy managing CR7? Of course, you do. Juventus, as we see it, is the best team to flex around in FM20. They have a fantastic squad for you to flex with as a beginner. The Zebras are just fun to manage, really. Moreover, you get to try out a lot of tactics and observe how they reflect on the game.

Al Ahly – Club of the Century

If you think Africa is where you wish to start out as an African, then Al Ahly should give you what you need. They have a talented squad and excellent youth facility that gives you the chance to build your own squad without giving you a lot of frustrations. So, if building young and bright African players is what you fancy, then the Club of the Century is for you.

Atlanta United

One of the most valuable clubs in the United States and Canada – that’s Atlantic United. If you wish to manage in North America, then this club is where to start. They have excellent players you can test your beginner’s managerial skill. And because of their 2019 Campeones Cup success, Atlanta United is just the fun and easier team to start off your career.

Santos FC

Well, this club is legendary. Even legendary Brazilian player “Pelé” played for this club. And currently, the football superstar “Neymar” hailed from Santos. This club will give you all you need to start off, that’s if you wish to settle in South America. Just like Al Ahly, Santos have a superb youth facility. You can even be managing your already great team and be doing your own business – that is, nurturing youngsters and selling them to Europe’s top teams. That could be fun.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC

South Korea is no stranger to football. Jeonbuk is one of the best teams in Asia. So taking up this club as their head coach is a great idea. This team won’t come with so much hassle and stress, and it can be so much fun for you. Moreover, they have the cash to buy any of your favorite Asian-based players.

Alright, that’s all we have for now. Enjoy the game and stay safe.

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