How to Use Mentoring to Get Good Results from Your Players in FM21

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Here our friend FMlife explains how you can get the best out of mentoring in FM21. Your players can grow to their potentials by using the mentoring feature properly. This is definitely a FM21 video guide for you. Watch and learn. Enjoy the video.

Using Team Report to Build a Tactic in FM 2021

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Hello guys, our friend FMlife has done a great job showing how you can build your tactic according to your team squad while paying attention to your team report in football manager 2021. You should watch and learn.

FM Beginners Guide 7: Analyzing FM Team Report

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Alright guys, you probably might not see the team report as a vital feature of the game. But the truth is that, if you are struggling most times, then you aren’t using the FM team report. Which means you’re missing out. The team report can help make a sound judgment when creating your tactic. As we see it, the team …

FM Beginners Guide 6: Setting Up Opposition Instructions and Set Pieces

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This is another episode of the FM beginners guide. In this video guide, you get to learn how to set up FM opposition instructions and set pieces. FM20 Manchester United team guide FM20 Atletico Madrid team guide Most at times, the opposition instructions section has been a feature in football manager that’s quite confusing, especially it’s effects on tactics. Because …