Video: FM20 Atletico Madrid Team Guide

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As the series of FM20 team guide keeps on rolling, we present this informative video made by The Mixer, a guest on FMlife channel. This video features FM20 Atletico Madrid team guide. As it has been, you need to watch video to help you start off your ATM career.

The discussion starts with the club’s history and club vision – things you need to consider before making a decision.

It’s a fact that a big club like ATM hasn’t lifted the prestigious UEFA Champions League. So, taking this club to their first UCL title might be challenging for you. But, our friend took some time to analyze the squad and with some suggestions to help you manage them in the best possible way.

In other words, in the tactical department, he suggested 3 different tactics that can suit well with Atlético Madrid. Therefore, it’s left for you to consider any of them.

Alright! That’s that. Now for you guys waiting for our real life tactic of Diego Simeone for FM20, we are still working on that (because we have a lot of tactical requests to work on) and it will be shared soon. Please exercise patience with us.

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