Football Manager Beginners Guide 3: About Dynamics and Improving Player Morale

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This will be the third guide we are sharing under the football manager beginners guide series. Our aim, most importantly, is to help new FM players to catch up with the features and functions of the game. So this time, we present you a tutorial video that digests the Football Manager Dynamics section and player morale.

In this video, you will have the opportunity to get all the information you need about player happiness and morale, and how to improve it. This will help improve your teamโ€™s performance if you get it right.

So, our friend FMlife discussed about:

  • Overview section – this is where you get information about your team cohesion, dressing room atmosphere, and managerial support. But in this video, you learn what team cohesion and other aspects are all about in football manager and how to read them.
  • Hierarchy – here, you will learn what this hierarchy means and how to use them detect your players’ reactions or state of mind toward you or your team leaders.
  • Social Group: this is where you learn about players who are very likely to get upset if a certain player is unhappy.
  • Happiness – Here is where you get information about each of your player’s morale. In this area, our friend gave some suggestions about managing and improving your teamโ€™s morale. However, in case there’s a particular player you couldn’t satisfy, watch this video to see what you have to do next.
  • Code of Conduct – this section wasn’t available in the previous FM versions. Sports Interactive introduced it in FM20. But our friend will show you what it is really all about.
  • Team Meeting – this is where you learn how to interact with your squad.

All tthese discussed in this video. So we highly recommend you to watch and listen; put it into practice.

All about the tactics section shared next.

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