Video: Guide to Football Manager 2020 Tactics and Training Settings

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Here, we present a guide to football manager 2020 tactics and training settings with Manchester United. Our friend, FMlife, has made this video to assist FM20 gamers the necessary things to consider while selecting your tactical style.

If you haven’t watched the previous video of FM20 Manchester United guide, check it out.

Moreover, in the tactic section, these were touched:

  • Tactical style with appropriate formation for Manchester United; that’s in case if you are managing Man United. The tactic set might be good for your Red’s squad.
  • Role selection suitable for each individual player.
  • Set Pieces; this involves setting up attack and defend corners, free kicks (defend and attack), and throw in.

For the training department, FMlife made some suggestions and settings in these sections below:

  • Training schedules
  • Mentoring
  • Unit
  • Individual
  • Rest
  • Coaches

Finally, there is a bit tour in the scouting department, but it will be discussed further in another video.

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