Football Manager Beginners Guide 2: Understanding Basic Sections and Player Ratings

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Last time, we shared the first video of the beginners guide series, which portrayed an overview of starting a career in football manager and things you need to know while going through the process. However, here we are continuing the series. So in this video, FMlife discussed about some FM player ratings, and FM sections and subsections such as:

  • Home – subsections are My Profile, My Contract, Promises, Knowledge, My History, and Notebook
  • Inbox – subsections are Social Feed, News, Leagues in Focus, and Around the World.
  • Squad – Players and International

Each aspect of the above was discussed accordingly, and tips and suggestions were offered in order to make things easier for you.

Moreover, in the squad section, FMlife provided his best way of viewing the team squad which carries all the information you need about each your player. You can download this squad view setup via the button below.

Download Squad View

In addition to that, our friend threw a light on player star ratings in a way you can understand it.

Next up, we will share a video guide about the Dynamics section.

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