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We are still a growing community in the gaming world. However, our main aim is to help one another thrive by delivering informative and quality contents using this platform. We want every reader who views FMtrendGames to be very satisfied in whatever they find on this site. So, with that said, we are inviting you to join us. It’s totally free.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to write, wants to share your option about a game, have some tricks, methods, and skills on how to play a particular sports game, we are offering you this platform to bring out what you have to the world. Millions of people around the world will be able to assess your contents once they are here. We receive daily visitors from around the globe, but our readers mostly come from the UK, US, France, Malaysia, and Canada.

Things You Can Write About on FMtrendGames

We wish we could tell you to write about any game of your choice, but FMtrendGames only showcases contents related to sports video games.

The games we are interested to cover are Football Manager, FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, NHL, Formula 1, NBA 2k, UFC, NBA Live, WWE 2k, MLB The Show, and Minecraft.

Note: If your favourite sports game is not among this list, you can include it in the message you will send to us. Just be sure it’s a fantastic game.

In terms of platforms, such as PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Tablet/Mobile, feel free to write about the one you’re playing on. Moreover, the category you want your article to feature on depends on you. You may wish to write about reviews, list-articles, guides, tricks, tips, stories etc. If the category you want is not available, just let us know. We will create it for you. Our main interest is for you to write about the sports game you love to play.

If you’re a graphic designer who creates skins, kits, database, and logos for Football Manager, we welcome you to bring in your works for FM lovers to download and enjoy the game better.

As an Author, What Can You offer me?

That’s a good question you might want to ask, right? Well, here are the things we can offer you:

  • A platform to spread your quality created contents to the world. People really want to hear your voice.
  • Give you the exposure you need.
  • Give you the platform you need to indulge in affiliate marketing. The commission you get from it is totally yours. Read how we can help you with that here.
  • Help you develop on your writing skill and also help you publish quality content.
  • You will have the privilege to sell your original created products like eBooks on this site. (We will take 30% of each purchase made. The remaining 70% is all yours).
  • Give you a chance to make few bucks out of your original created graphic designs via PPD (pay per download) sites if you want.

The Kind of Authors We Want

What we want, most importantly, is someone who’s passionate. You should be a real fan of the sports you play.

However, in order for your contents to feature on this site, you must be able to write in proper English. You must not be a professional writer. You just need to be able to articulate good English.

Please you should know that we do not feature a poorly written content. Your article must attain a certain level of quality before it can be published.

Are you a YouTuber? Sure, we want you here. You can write the article version of your video on this site. You can also embed your videos on your posts. This will add value to your readers and also drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you pay?

Unfortunately, we do not pay authors. FMtrendGames is a community of passionate gamers who offer contents that will help fellow gamers. The contents we offer are free, unless there’s an eBook that worth the money. However, we do give privileges to make some money from CPD, your original created eBooks, and your affiliate links.

Can I sell game keys on FMtrendGames as an author?

No. That’s prohibited. You can only sell your eBooks and other valuable contents created solely by you if you want.

Can I insert links on my posts

Sure, you can. But, the links you insert must be appropriate and valuable to your readers. Linking articles on FMtrendGames to yours would be much appreciated. In other words, linking posts outside FMtrendGames is also acceptable. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate linking.

What about affiliate links?

Yes, you can insert your affiliate links on your post. Have in mind that the product link must be valuable to your reader and it must relate to your post content.

Can I republish my articles on other website?

No. Once your article is published on FMtrendGames, you must not publish the same article elsewhere. Republishing the same content will cause duplicate content, which can hurt SEO. We urge you not to try this at all.

What is the acceptable minimum words for an article?

The minimum is 500 words. But it’s best to write beyond that. The most important thing is to express your topic properly.

Will you edit my post? 

We can only do a very mild editing if your article needs it. We will not alter your voice. However, if your article needs heavy editing due to grammar or spelling errors, we will tell you to reread and correct them.

Can I share my post on social media?

Absolutely yes. In fact, we encourage you to promote your post in any social platforms you prefer. Be glad to show people your work.

How to Become FMtrendGames’ Author

If you’re interested in writing for this site, you need to submit us your details. You can do this by filling the form below. In addition, write a short description about yourself, the game(s) that interests you, and how you wish to write it (them). If you wish to create graphics and designs, tell us about it in the paragraph box. You should write at least 100 words in the paragraph box.

We do hope you join us and make this site more helpful to anyone. Thanks.